10 Secrets In Writing Content

Writing is not just putting sentences together or knowing your grammar. It has to be either challenging or compelling. It has to have more meat in it to make it engaging. Do not forget that it should be easy to understand, too. A poorly written content can never hold an audience. Here’s a mind-boggling question, “What if you wrote an amazing content but nobody reads it?” 

Person Typing On Typewriter

Then, you’ve got to learn how to create content, and the first thing you need to know is the intent of the content. You should be able to move the reader to earn their trust. Here are 10 secrets to make you be a cut above the rest:

  1. Just talk to your readers as if you were in front of them. You can ask questions to set their minds into the thinking process. Use words they can remember and they are familiar with. Of course, you should be very tactful and never be indecent in your words. This is such a great turn-off. Remember, what the public thinks does matter.
  1. Each sentence and paragraph should flow smoothly. The wisest thing to do is to start with the most important subject first. This will help you write swiftly and effortlessly.
  1. If you are copying, then, copy the great ones. Copy only the best writers! Make sure that you know their language and turn of phrase. Then, build your own that is very you.
  1. Know how to write catchy headlines. Headlines are a make-it or break-it thing. It can get your reader’s attention or they will simply move away. After all, it gives the first impression of what is to be read after.
  1. Make a map of your subheadings before you even start writing. This should give a crystal clear order. Then just like the water, just keep on flowing until the end.
  1. Write using striking images and quotes. Providing visuals always work like magic when attached to a writing material. Use images, quotes, or even memes to make your content more interesting. But it has to be relatable to your audience so they will click it and share it. An example is an image that has a quote like, “The people who don’t give up are the people who find a way to believe in abundance rather than scarcity.”
  1. Shorter sentences are better. Do not drown your audience with a lot of run-on sentences and lengthy paragraph, they will just scamper away! Remember readability?
  1. Consider the use of voice to text tools. Back then, dictations services cost a lot. But now, it is on your PC and smartphone. It transcribe, translate in any language, it adds the punctuation and emojis, too.
  1. Keep on writing, and edit later. That is the best thing to do, write, edit when you are done. Don’t break your trend of thoughts just to correct something you wrote. It will destroy your creativity when you are at its height. Let it flow, improvements can be done later.
  1. Edit your content by using the tools available online. Grammarly is widely used by professional writers. You can check any marketing content assets you are doing.

Keep on writing and practicing. It takes a while before you develop  good writing habits. Just focus on one issue at a time. Writing is like a puzzle putting all the pieces together until it unveils the whole content. Let your ideas flow like the water in a stream and improve later. Happy writing!