2020 Trends to Watch Out for in the SEO Industry (Part 2)

Previously, in 2020 Trends to Watch Out for in the SEO Industry (Part 1), I talked about the mobile sector, adding more content, technical SEO, E-A-T, and the newly added BERT.

So, now, we are ready to know the rest of the trends to prepare you this coming year. 

  1. Structured Data

As I said, in 2020, it will be still content. In reality, excellent content will never go out of style. Even though algorithms do not know the context at times, improvements like BERT are now slowly being implemented. Now, what can be done is to improve context comprehension. Likewise, there should be structured data for search engines to have a greater understanding on a page and how this connects to the other pages in the site.


  1. Knowledge Graph

Google is looking for the means to integrate entity associated data in search results by using enlargement questions. You can make the most of the entities by accomplishing things like maximizing or Google’s Knowledge Graph and to be certain that those will show in Knowledge Panels. In the year 2020, internal linking shall be in the foreground.

If you have that desire for your brand to be looked at as an entity, then, publish business accounts, put together expert suggestions, and those whose voices are foremost in the market place. Then, Google will definitely begin to notice you as an entity. It is also the entity-associated signals that are going to aid you to maintain your ranking.

  1. More Links

If you want to have finest links in 2020, you need your link development to the consumer-first strategy. This means you concentrate on 3 kinds of writing:

  • Scheduled editorial – These are the subject matters that are included every year anytime. For example, we are talking about Valentine’s Day and other occasion we celebrate.
  • Scheduled responsive editorial – A periodical event or topic that are being included because of the time span.
  • Responsive editorial – The type that can never be foreseen by anyone,  a breaking news type of story.

When they trust you more, then they will be more than willing to talk about your worth to other people, share your content and that means links, and finally, they will purchase your brand and that means more revenues. More on: 5 Link Development Tips to Help Build Backlinks

  1. Pay Attention to Online Visibility

On-SERP SEO will still progress in its importance this coming year. Hence, adjusting to zero-click searches will be the essential. But that is not all, you need to make a strategy. You should go beyond optimizing blue links. Moreover, localization in search results will go on with Map packs ranking and getting clicks that comes from the conventional organic rankings. Read more on: How to Build the Ideal Location Page? (Part 1) and How to Build the Ideal Location Page? (Part 2).

  1. Programming

Lastly, utilize programming languages such as Python and R to take away the time-wasting and unnecessary work. SEO computerization will give you the freedom to exploit the strength of the marketing core principles like storytelling, branding, developing a wonderful customer’s experience.