3 Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Nowadays, your users get the first impression of your business based on your website – that’s why it’s important that you redesign your website properly. You don’t need to change every detail. In fact, redesigns can be any functional modifications that will help make your website more accessible, nice-looking, and responsive.

While you may find some good reasons not to enhance your site, here are three reasons why you should begin redesigning your site.

Your Website Is Outdated

An old-looking site is perhaps the main reason why companies undergo a redesign process. I’ve seen many websites that look like they were made decades ago. Even ordinary people without any web design experience can tell that they’re old-fashioned.

An outdated website can hurt your business, especially if you face a lot of competitors in the market. Prospective and existing customers are more likely to switch to another company with a modern website because it assures that the company is on top of modern technologies.

For all you know, your embedded third-party tools are also outdated. This affects your website’s functionality. It’s time to update your third-party tools if they’re no longer working and slowing your site speed. Nothing discourages customers more than outdated third-party tools so make sure that you make an update when new versions are available.

Your Site Is Not Responsive And Doesn’t Work On All Devices

If a page on your website loads in more than two seconds, then it’s time to redesign. Most consumers expect a site to load in less than two seconds. More than two seconds, and you’ll surely miss out on leads and sales. Test your site speed on all devices and find areas to improve.

The rise of mobile devices also affects the responsiveness of a site. If your consumers can’t access your site on all mobile devices, then you’ll probably lose them to a competitor with a very responsive website. Mobile users have emphasized that they want a great user experience on their devices so this should be the main priority of your company.

Your Website Isn’t Giving The Results You Want

Your website may look beautiful and functional but if it’s not giving the results you want, then it’s useless. The main function of your website should be to increase sales and build your customer base. Examine the conversion rates of your website to get an idea of what needs to be modified.

Here are a few things you can ask to assist you in the redesign process:

  • Does your call-to-action turn visitors into consumers and leads?
  • Do your landing pages motivate users to know more about your product or service?
  • Is your website loaded with too much text or riddled with jargon?
  • Does your site speak directly to your target customers?

If you answer “no”, to any of these questions, then it’s time to get your redesign plans started. Get in contact now for a free consultation