Scottsdale Web Design – 4 Suggestions in Improving Horrible Websites (Part 1)

If you are active online, you would noticed some websites are utterly horrible. When you are about to begin something and start your research, then a website does not perform the way you want it to be. It could simply be an outdated website that the owner abandoned it without no plans of reinventing it.

person shocked upon seeing his laptop computer

Well, sites are not intrinsically horrible, and they can still be rescued. On the other hand, it is better to start fresh all over again. Here are the four suggestions to revive a dying website.

  1. Don’t go to the technical details just yet!

Usually, you would want to work on a site and fix crucial SEO concerns, but that shouldn’t be the case! The first important phase is to address any customer concern. You are there to serve their needs.  Help them attain the things they need and you will be rewarded by Google with brownie points. Thus, you need to catch up on some tips Google provided here: Interpreting ‘Quality’ According to Google (Part 1)

Aside from that, it also best to evaluate the whole scenario. Talking with the clients will give you the opportunity to know their problems with the website. You will also find out anything that was not helpful in the past. So, there’s no need to make the mistakes again. Focus and give more importance to the strategies that worked before.

Now, if you are a technical person, do not allow yourself to carelessly edit or alter because getting technical at this point may affect the higher ranked pages. Plus, this not the time to do that. At this point, you need to look at the bigger picture. Create a roadmap of this project to make yourself aware of the progress and to complete it in the most organized way. Here are examples:

  1. Be realistic and follow the plan.

Create an attainable objectives and key performance metrics from the start. You can jot down the progress and do this on a weekly basis. Progress could be mundane like added CTRs to more sizable gains like web traffic, ranking, or conversion rates.  Keep your head on the game. Below are the things that could help:

Other goals could keep you away from the more important actions. Usually, this happens when there is too much excuses and demands on various activities. Thus, it is important to use boards and other means to keep track with the project. It helps if you use interactive boards to visualize your progress. There is a clear distinction between what needs to be done and what are already completed.

For now, I will stop here. Don’t worry because I will continue the discussion on 4 Suggestions in Improving Horrible Websites (Part 2)