5 Free Ways to Optimize Your Website Locally

SEO services can be costly, but there are always free methods you can use to boost your local ranking. For those who don’t have the budget for paid SEO services yet, you’re on the right post.

You don’t have to be a tech geek just to perform SEO efforts on your website. In fact, you have a head start with these basic optimization methods:

*Producing regular content

All SEO experts will agree that content is king. SEO is almost impossible without high-quality content published regularly on your website.

Take note that both quality and quantity matters when it comes to content. Aside from pleasing the web crawlers, you’re also giving your audience a big favor.

Moreover, regular content will keep your warm leads hooked. It’s also a great way to establish your brand across the web.

Aside from that, you can use the blog section for backlinking, keyword optimization, and more.

*Improving customer satisfaction

Boosting your customer’s satisfaction starts by addressing their concerns. If you received negative reviews, the process should be Reach – Remedy – Restore.

First, acknowledge that you received the negative review. After that, offer a possible solution to the problem. Most often, customers will edit the negative review if they receive a re-do of the product or service for no additional cost.

Through that, you can restore the customer and they will edit the review into a more positive note.

Remember, thanking your customers after each review will go a long way.

*Listing your business in online directories

If you have a business, you must get listed on Google My Business (GMB). By doing so, you’re making your business available on Google Maps, Knowledge Graph, Local Packs, and more. You’ll also have access to Google Posts once you sign up for a GMB account.

Aside from Google, you should also list your business on Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor (claim your business!), and Yelp. If there are local directories within your location, you should also list your business there.

*Guest post with another local business blog

Another hack that you can use is guest posting on another business’ blog. For this, you can contact business website owners so you can offer them an exchange of material. This is usually free and it will also give you a sweet backlink to your site.

Aside from businesses, you can also tap the help of local bloggers/influencers. Some of them will ask for a fee, but some will agree for an exchange of blog post.

*Use local keywords

When optimizing and writing your content, always use local keywords that indicate the location where you want to rank. It could be “XYZ in Orlando” or “XYZ service Fort Lauderdale”. These location-specific keywords will let Google know that you intend to rank locally.

Aside from using these keywords, you should also create individual pages for each location of your business with content customized or that specific location.

*Aim to gain backlinks from authority sites

Guest posting is one good way to gain backlinks. Also, you can talk about other businesses in your locality and ask them to mention you on their posts together with a link of your website.

Also, you can offer online interviews where you can request a backlink. Most local directories conduct this, especially if they are featuring a local business.