Scottsdale Web Design – 5 Image SEO Tips to Apply Right Now (Part 2)

Previously, I discussed about 4 Image SEO Tips to Apply Right Now (Part 1).

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So, I will talk about 7 more useful tips in order to optimize image on your website.

  1. Personalize the File Names

Image file names give signals to Google and other search engine crawlers pertaining the topic of the image. The keyword abundant file names are important!

Normally, file names will show something like “PHOTO_833028” or something equivalent to that. This does not aid Google. For example, if you have an image of kids, you could name it kid 1, kid 2, and so on. However, if you name it a very active little boy, search engines could better understand your image.

You have to modify it from the default to assist Google and other search engines to know your images This endeavour only takes a little work which of course depends on the kind of media library you have. The more comprehensive it is, the better.

  1. Don’t Forget the Alt Texts

Alt texts are a text substitute to images whenever a browser cannot appropriately provide them. Identical to the title, the alt text is utilized to narrate what is in the image file.

Whenever the image does not load, there will be an image box that has the alt tag. Just be certain that they are suitable to the image and do create a picture that is appropriate.

Being attentive to the alt text is also advantageous to your on-page SEO strategy. Should the image do not succeed to load, users can at least notice what the image is. It does help in the rankings by means of connecting keywords with images. It even recognize the worth of alt text when it comes to images.

It is likewise visible in the cached text version of the page which is advantageous to users and search engines. Alt text likewise can be an anchor text of an inside link if the image connects to a dissimilar page on the website.

  1. Add a Structure

Google upgraded its Image Guidelines in 2018. One significant upgrades that they uncovered was the utilization of the file path as well as the file name to grade the images.

For instance, if you are in clothing brand with a wide range of products, just don’t put the product images in one generic folder, have a subfolder to specify the categories such as dresses, jackets, or shirts.

  1. The Images Should Be Mobile-Friendly

The question is, how do you optimize your images for the mobile first index? Develop a flexible images. In other words, the image will scale whatever the size of the site and whatever device they are, whether mobile or desktop. It adapts to the scale of the device.

  1. Put Extra Images to Your Sitemap

Either you are adding to your sitemap or coming up with a sitemap for images, you sure would want the images anywhere in your sitemaps. This will surely give you a higher chances of the search engines crawler to index whatever images you have. This will drive a lot of site traffic. If you are already utilizing WordPress, check out Yoast SEO for any of your sitemap needs. More on: What You Need to Know About Creating a Sitemap