5 Subtle Changes That Will Transform Your Website

When visitors come to your house, you want to present your best to give a good impression. The same good impression should be applied to your website. You only have a short time to grab the attention of your visitors so you have to be clear with your message.


Here are five ways to improve the performance of your website.


Make It Mobile-Friendly

One of the subtle ways to improve conversion rate is to implement a responsive design. With the prevalence of mobile phones nowadays, your website should keep up. Make your website easy to navigate on mobile phones.


If your website doesn’t load on a mobile phone, chances are, your potential customers will abandon it right away. Based on a survey conducted by eMarketer, about 55% respondents say that they won’t purchase from a brand that has a poor mobile experience. This simply means that you’re going to lose those conversions if you don’t optimize your website to be mobile-friendly.


Gather And Analyze User Behavior Metrics

Website owners, like you, should know how your users behave to help you grow your business online. Google Analytics is a great tool for finding this valuable information. This tool will help you gather user behavior metrics and make small adjustments to your online offerings.


Crazy Egg is another good tool to know the exact details where your users are clicking. This helps you make effective pages and generate more sales. Don’t forget to evaluate your analytics at least once monthly.


Write A Concise Value Proposition

As a website owner, your main goal is to convince visitors quickly that you have the solution to their issue. It’s common to get overwhelmed in listing all the benefits of your brand on the homepage. However, they end up littering your homepage and messing up your value proposition.


The better way is to write a concise value proposition and post it in the center or in front of your landing page or home page. Allow this message to be the main message of the page. Together with a simple design and an eye-catching image, you’ll have a better chance of getting the attention of your users and persuade them to perform the next step.


Simplify Forms

Nothing is more tiring than filling out a form in the real world. This also holds true online. To encourage your users to fill out the form on your website, keep them simple.


As much as possible, use as the fewer number of fields of required information. Use predictive text to allow your users to use auto-filled. Give clear error messages when wrong information is filled on the fields.


Be Specific In Your Calls-To-Action

The call-to-action (CTA) is very important because it encourages users to take the next step. As much as possible, make CTAs more specific to get to the point more directly. Avoid using confusing and generic CTAs because they fail to entice your users to take the next step.


Also, make sure that the CTAs are visible so you can lead the users to their right location without searching. Keep everything simple by prompting users to “join free for three months” and go the extra effort to reassure users that they can cancel the registration anytime.