5 Ways to Get Your Emails Opened

What are the chances that the email you sent is at bottom of the pile? Was it purposely ignored? Perhaps, your email subscribers did not notice it? Whatever the reasons may be, the bottom line is that your email was NOT opened. With all the different online retailers out there, how can your email stand out from the rest? How will you convince the readers to open the email that took you forever to compose? I’ve listed 5 tips for you.

  • Ignite their curiosity.

    • For some reason, humans are naturally curious. If you included an unusual word on the subject line, they will definitely click the email to know more the juicy details. Because of your unique word choice, the readers are now compelled to take a peek on the contents of the email.
  • Promise that it’s worth their time.

    • Another way to get noticed is to the promise your readers that they will read something helpful. Obviously, no one would like to waste their time on something trivial.  However, if you indicate on the subject line the gist of  what they will learn, for sure, they will click it right away.
    • If it is about a sale, it will definitely make them happy. They would want to know when the online sale will be so they can get first dibs on the items they have been waiting for so long.
  • Use numbers, not words.

    • You want to know the magic of numbers? They stop wandering eyes! Whether it’s 13, 25, or 9653, numbers have the power to stop the meandering.
    • For example, “Clearance Sale: Fifty Percent off on ALL items!” is not as appealing as “30% off on 5 or more books!” The first one gave a higher discount. However, you are drawn to the second headline. You find the second subject line noticeable than first. Am I right?
words on scrabble

The power of words.

  • Add some POWER.

    • How do we do that exactly? Don’t worry because you don’t need to punch someone on the face. Power words invoke emotions. Moreover, emotional words are tempting and demand your immediate attention. Thus, making your email stand out in a messy inbox.
    • There are 400+ power words. I can’t list them all here so I’ve search them for you. Just click this link and you will be redirected to a multitude of power words. One example I can share is the word impressive. So, you can either use memorable or unforgettable.
  • Stop being so technical.

    • Yes, they are plenty helpful tips out there, and sometimes, we follow everything down to the littlest detail.
    • According to an article, the ideal length of an email subject is between 40 and 50 characters. On the other hand, your email draft is not yet sent because your subject line is 2 characters over. There’s no need to make a fuss on things like this.
    • Focus on building relationships instead. No matter how horrible your subject line is, your readers will still click that email.  Why? Because they trust you. That’s what’s most important!

In today’s busy world, inboxes are easily filled with emails in a matter of seconds. I hope this post has helped you in planning your future emails. If you missed the first part, you can read about the tips on how to construct emails that are loved by many.