Scottsdale Web Design – 5 Ways to Stay Away from Google Penalties in 2019

The most frightening in the Internet world is none other than the penalties.  Your business could land in the graveyard as quickly than you can imagine. Believe it or not, penalties could actually ruin your business.

This article is precisely about how to avoid algorithmic penalties, to stay in good standing with Google, and to keep on raking the benefits.

Google reflected on the screen of a Samsung Tablet

Before I discuss about the how, let me help you understand the basics of the Google penalties:

  1. Algorithmic penalties are of two kinds of search engine penalties which are the manual and the algorithmic.
  • A manual penalty means a person decided to put a stop on your online activities. Usually, for this one, you will receive a notice from the Google Webmaster.
  • An algorithmic penalty is when you violate the guidelines. Naturally, Google will penalize your website and your ranking gets affected.
  1. This article is about prevention. Once you get an algorithmic penalty, your ranking will obviously decline. Surely, you can recover, but it will be a long journey. Now, here are 5 tips to make sure that you are safe.

Tip #1:  Understand the rules and never break them.

If you need a complete guide, Google posted them here. Whether you like it or not, Google creates the rules and every user must follow suit. No need to apply shady schemes because Google will know about it.

If you want to succeed online, then Google’s guidelines should be your ultimate roadmap.  Read it carefully and abide by the rules.

Tip #2:  Analyze your content.

Upon reading and following tip #1, then you would know that the culprit is usually spammy content. Content auditing is actually not really difficult. You just need 2 things:

  1. You must understand Google’s guidelines.
  2. Examine your content. Is it high in quality? You are not keyword stuffing? Your images have alt texts? Even the littlest details will make a big difference so carefully look through your content.

Tip #3:  Tidy up your links.

Don’t wait for a manual penalty to happen before you tidy up your links. Start early and build a strong link profile. A link profile refers to the links pointing to your website. Google ranks these links basing from these qualifications:

  • The standard of excellence of where the links came from – was it from a reputable site or not?
  • The anchor text used – what is the text used in describing the links.

To know the list of links, you can go to Google Webmaster. Hence, don’t believe everything you read online, and educate yourself on the link building myths. If you suspect any links, disavow them immediately.

Tip #4:  Develop awesome content.

 Remember, your website is nothing without your content. Provide relevant content to your audience and apply these:

  • Writing may take a day or two, but marketing is an everyday task.
  • Of course, you just don’t write. You need to edit and update what you posted.
  • Don’t just stick one type of content. Add mixing videos and inforgraphics into the page.

In the end, you would want people to react with what you publish. Make people rave about your content and links will naturally come your way.

Tip #5:  Know the latest algorithm.

Google constantly innovates. The rules before won’t be the same rules now. Of course, things will evolve. To avoid violating the algorithmic rules, check Google’s blog and the official webmasters blog.