Scottsdale Web Design – 6 More Factors That Can Contribute to Your Towering Bounce Rate

Previously, I talked about 4 Factors That Can Contribute to Your Towering Bounce Rate. This time, I will take up more causes of a high bounce rate.

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Are you ready? I listed 6 more below:

  1. Blank Page or Page Not Found

 Should your bounce rate become surprisingly high, one reason could be that a page is actually blank or going to a 404 error.

Check out the page from your user’s chosen browser. They could use Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and many others. Try to reproduce their experience and go to the Google Search Console. Under Coverage, check the issue. You can repair it yourself or ask someone you know.

  1. Some Terrible Link from Other Websites

From your website itself, you could have a low bounce rate. However, from your referral traffic, there could be a high bounce rate. Well, it could be that the referring site has been giving you unfit visitors. If not that, then it could be that the anchor text that caused unnecessary confusion. The culprit of which is the outcome of  careless writing.

It could also be that it was not meant to be link to your site. Hence, you should be alert on the sites mentioned your website. They could be destroying you with those negative SEO schemes for whatever reason. Tell them to take out the link; if not, disavow these links immediately.

If it is from someone you know, communicate with the writer of the content to update the post. If the writer has no capacity to do it, then talk to the editor or webmaster.

  1. Associate the Landing Page or Single Page Site

 If you are an affiliate of a website, then the reason for your page is to intentionally redirect the users to the linked website. In these cases, that’s fine.

An identical situation is when you redirect people to your portfolio or your download page. Usually, for these cases like what I mentioned, it’s expected to have a high bounce rate. Do not forget that Google can definitely tell if you can satisfy the user intent.

  1. Underdeveloped Content

 Users could be bouncing from your site due to bad content. If that is the case, then get a friend who has a writing background. If not, ask someone who is part of your preferred audience.

Remember, web writing is not the same with publication writing. Hire a writer or someone who could help you with your ideas and turn it to something brilliant and interesting.

  1. Terrible Interface

If you have a lot of pop-ups, ads, and email subscribe buttons, then these things will drive away potential visitors.

CTA buttons are good for the sales, but not for your visitors. Perhaps, your website is also difficult to navigate or it does not have a search options.

These features may seem trivial, but in the end, it could be the cause for people to leave. Do not commit these mistakes and pay attention to every little detail. If you must, then hire a web designer.

  1. Not Mobile-Friendly

 True, you need your page to be mobile-friendly. In 2018, a quarter of the best sites were not mobile friendly. Although you used all the functional design, it may not be as usable to your mobile audience. People will bounce back to the search results because your website is hard to navigate on mobile. To know where you stand, use the Test My Site tool found on Think with Google.