7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Rankings 

Search engine optimization can be a technical topic for some. Most of the time, novice site owners don’t know where to start. If you’re one of these people, you’re in the right place. For this post, we have discussed seven easy ways for you to improve your rankings.

Boost your website’s loading speed

If there’s one ranking factor that you have to satisfy, it would be fast loading speeds. A website that’s taking longer than 3 seconds to load will be buried at the depths of the search results. Unless your website has enormous traffic, Google will not be impressed with the slow loading time.

Start by reducing file sizes and hosting your multimedia content on third-party platforms.

Use internal links

Internal linking is as important as backlinking. By connecting your internal pages, you’re boosting the navigability of your website. Aside from that, you can bring visitors deeper into your website and into your sales funnel.

Also, internal links let you spread the authority of your pages to other pages within your site. Still, make sure that you’re interlinking with relevance and not just for the sake of doing so.

Be mobile-friendly

With Google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm, making your website mobile-friendly should go without saying. This way, you will also enjoy a large chunk of traffic being generated from mobile devices every minute.

You don’t have to come up with a separate mobile site. Many platforms offer mobile-friendly themes and designs that suit your current website.

Take note that mobile traffic is dominating the web, with as much as 60% of all traffic coming from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets.

Start blogging

By blogging, you’ll get to utilize a wide range of keywords relevant to your niche. Also, it’s a good way to keep your visitors updated and hooked to your website.

Blogging also gives you a powerful tool to gain backlinks and traffic from other platforms. If done right, your blog section will become an income faucet as you integrate your products or services into it. Most of all, it will bring you higher on the search results.

Write unique content

Speaking of blogging, you should only publish unique and well-written content. Google penalizes websites with plagiarized content, which will bring them to the bottom of the search results.

Take note that blogging isn’t a daily thing. You can publish one post a week or every month. As long as the copy has excellent quality, once a month would be fine.

Optimize meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are the first snippet of your content. It should be persuasive, descriptive, and concise. Also, always optimize your keyword here so you’ll show up better on search results.

Take note that meta descriptions should be unique for each post. Copy and pasting the same thing all over your site is spammy, which will be detected by Google.

Choose the right keywords 

Most of all, you should optimize with the right set of keywords. Relevance is number one, followed by low competitiveness and large search volume. These keywords are the queries your target audience search on the web.