7 Key Features No Website Should Be Without

Whether you use a website to promote your business or you are in need of a new one for your new business venture, it’s important to keep a quality website to reach online users.

The first thing you should do is set up your domain with a good, unforgettable URL. Next is to decide on some big decisions.


Here are seven key features that your website should have to increase brand awareness and create a positive customer online experience.


Product Or Service Images

Your goal of making a website is to promote your business and products to potential customers. For this reason, always include basic information about your business, like mission/vision statements and products/services offered. Keep text clear and concise.


Depending on your venture, put the necessary items that describe your scope of business. For instance, show product images if you sell products or customer testimonials if you work in the service industry.


Contact Information

To get in touch with your customers, put your contact information on the website. This includes address, phone number, and email. Consider putting an accessible contact form so your customers can tell you their issues and questions directly.


When sharing your phone number or email address on the site, put them in a link. This way your customers will be able to send an email or give you a call with a simple click.



This feature is very important if you’re selling products online. You need to assure your customers that any shared confidential information, like credit card number, will be kept confidential. Several security certificates you can secure include SSL, VeriSign, and TrustE.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content

A good looking website isn’t enough to create a website. It should be well optimized to earn more traffic. Fundamentally, the keywords and content of your website should be optimized.


Learn the fundamentals of on-page-SEO or hire an SEO agency to do the job for you. Make sure you ask them about their scope of SEO expertise.


A Mobile-Ready Edition

Mobile phones and tablets are the recent technology which drives an increasing amount of web traffic. To keep your website updated with the trends, make sure that it’s easy to navigate even on handheld devices.


To make a mobile-friendly site, fluid widths are used to adapt any screen size. Scalable images and adjustable layouts will be designed to create a better web experience on a variety of devices.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Even if you have presented the complete information about your products or service on the site, customers will always have questions. Sometimes the questions of customers are the same. To save time, compile all commonly asked questions and answer them in the FAQ section.


Unique And Large Font

Some of the most popular companies have a specific font to give a good recall from customers. Lately, a wide selection of fonts is available to better express your brand. From Adobe Caslon Pro to Blokletters-Balpen, your choice of the unique font should give a subtle hint about your company.