8 Tips in Writing a List Post

The last time, I shared about the effectiveness of creating a list post. Now, it’s time for the second part. I will discuss 8 tips in writing the perfect list post for your blog.  Just because list posts are a popular choice, it doesn’t mean people have mastered the proper way of formulating a list post.

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Sadly, there are a number of people, who still miserably fail at doing it right. I do hope these 8 tips I will list down will help you in creating the best list post. Are you ready? Here they are:

  • The first thing you need to remember is that a list post should also be relatable to everyone reading it. Give concrete examples that are everyday items or familiar scenarios. If you go with specific examples, it might not be understandable to some people. It’s preferable to stick with general scenarios if you have a wider audience. Start with a general idea and expound it by giving specific details.
  • A list post is no place for mushy and flowery words. You have to discuss and clarify each bullet point using a few words. The goal here is to use lesser words in explaining things.
  • Not all your bulleted points will be something different and brand-new, but make sure they learn a thing or two. You can achieve this if you create a long list. Your readers might say, “I already know tips #2 and #3, but number #1, #4, and #5 are something I could apply right now.”
  • Just because it’s a list post, it does NOT mean that the article won’t follow a certain order. Like your other published post, there  should be a beginning, middle, and end. You can sort your list from A to Z, sort it by your most favorite down to the least favorite, sort it by date, or sort it by purpose or applicability.
  • A list post won’t be complete without bullets or numbers. This is particularly necessary when you are preparing to post a longer list. The numbers help your web visitors to track their reading progress. For example, you can add cues that “We are on the 3rd option now.” or “You have reached the last tip when looking for the best media player.”
  • When you start writing, you have to begin and end your list post the most powerful and most distinct point. For the middle part, you have free rein on how you will organize your points. Just think of it as a submarine sandwich. First, you need to identify what you want in a sandwich, and then, rearrange to the ingredients to your liking or preference.
  • Finally, be direct when writing a list post. Tell your audience right away what they can expect upon reading your post. Make it obvious just by reading the title or browsing the intro. There’s no use of beating around the bush.
  • Stick to what you promised! Check your post title and your list, and see if they coincide. If you mentioned that you will share 25 tips, be sure you can give your audience 25.