Why you should add a chatbot to your website

Chatbots are becoming huge business. The market in the US was worth and estimated $703 million in 2016 and it has been estimated to have a CAGR of 35.2% until 2022. It’s no wonder the market is growing so fast when the benefits of adding a chatbot to your website are huge. Here’s why you should add a chatbot to your website today


Customers can get support in seconds

As a growing business, it can be hard to respond to customers quickly by phone and email. But a chatbot allows you to answer customers in seconds. Some providers will include support agents as part of their package who provide real time assistance while others will allow customers to submit questions and their email address to get a reply. They also make it easier and more obvious for customers to get in touch than trying to find an email address hidden on the site.


Chatbots offers personalization

Great chatbots provide a level of personalization that verges on a human-to-human conversation. And personalization is a huge selling point in today’s market. Rather than offering cold demands like “sign up” and “register”, chat bots offer a warmer way to get the user to convert. Think of the bot like a friendly salesperson in your local retail store that offers the advice and support you need when shopping. With a great salesperson, you’re more likely to buy.


User engagement goes up with a chatbot

Websites now need to engage users like never before. If you can get your website to engage your website more than a competing business can, then you are much more likely to win the business. A chatbot is vital in providing the kind of exceptional user engagement customers are looking for.


You can get insight from your chatbot

If you use an AI-based chatbot, you will quickly find you can learn a lot from it. The longer you have the bot on your site, the more data you can gain from interactions that can be analyzed to help you improve your site, products and services.


Chatbots can make payment easier

As a business owner you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay. Chatbots can now integrate with the payment process to help customers when they need it. Often it isn’t just cold feed that stop customers from paying, but problems that occur at checkout. A checkout-based chatbot can help alleviate customers of these concerns and issues and increase conversion rates as a result.


If you think it’s about time to install a chatbot on your website, our team of web design and developers in Arizona can help. We’ll help you find a suitable chatbot and integrate it into your website. We’ll also be on-hand to help you troubleshoot any problems that come with having a chatbot on your site.