Scottsdale Web Design – Apply These Psychological Tricks on Your Website (Part 1)

You would probably be wondering how psychology is used in designing a website. In this post, I will discuss psychological tricks to help you promote your online business. The concepts discussed are based on Robert B. Cialdini’s The Psychology of Persuasion.

This post will be the 1st of 3 articles. Below are 3 tips on how to design your website in order to get more traffic and engagements from your followers:

  • Exchange of information.

    • What’s the first thing you need from your web visitors? It’s their email address.
    • You need to entice them to hand over their email address in exchange for FREE items. Why do you need their email address? Because this is where you will send vital information of your various products. Purchase isn’t necessary at this point. You just need their email so you can slowly introduce your company and market your products.
    • Through email communication, you can also send them freebies like FREE ebook, webinar, or access to exclusive content. Now that you’ve share something, your audience will indebted. They will likely listen to you because of the freebies you shared.
    • Remember Newton’s third law of motion? For every action, you can expect an equal or opposite reaction. You can’t expect your web visitors to interact with you when you haven’t given them anything. Once you get their email, you can make the first move and offer them something first.
    • After sending a bunch of free items, they will most likely notice your future emails. When the time comes that they need your products or services, you are the first on their list. They wouldn’t choose a website they’ve never heard about. They would choose you because you’ve established a certain connection already.
    • If you’ve noticed, every website you visit, there’s always a pop-up to invite you to sign up on their email list. Aside from that, before you can access a specific website, you need to sign up using your email.  You need to register first to shop at different websites like Target, Macy’s, Amazon, and Ebay.
    • With so many products available online, people always ask, “If I buy this, what’s in it for me?” If you are selling online tools, write a blog post about it to educate your customers. If it’s their first purchase, offer a FREE shipping voucher. Don’t be afraid to be first one to reach out and propose a trade!
Woman Holding Smartphone

Offer freebies to entice people.

  • A pledge of loyalty.

    • If people are subscribed to your email list, or if they have followed you on your social media accounts, they have decided to include themselves into your world. They’ve told the world they support you.
    • They can now easily read your tweets or status updates. Human beings are always there to do a favor or kindness. So, once you give them exclusive deals, they will also assist you by choosing your brand.  They will promote you and share your updates via Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • A ripple effect.

    • The 3rd is related to the previous. One follower can indirectly recommend your brand to their family and friends. A concrete example for this is Facebook. If you have noticed the various product pages on Facebook are promoted in a way that you are told that a friend likes this particular page. Perhaps, you may want to visit their page and give it a “like” too!
    • Influence is a used by a lot of websites, and not just Facebook. These websites use the power of social influence. They know that when a friend recommends a product, it’s hard to say no. When a friend raves about something, you’d probably join the band wagon. It’s a power of peer pressure!