Benefits and Uses of Google Posts

Back in 2017, the search engine Google launched one of its newest offerings, Google Posts. This tool is available on Google My Business accounts where business owners can publish 300-word posts to be displayed on the Knowledge Graph area of search results.

Businesses can use this to announce invitations, limited offers, events, or just random updates to keep the audience hooked.

About Google Posts

In January 2016, Google Posts was launched for the use of presidential candidates. This experimental phase resulted in its total roll out months later to all GMB account owners.

Using this feature, you can use your GMB account to publish posts, like how you’re going to draft one for your social media accounts.

Upon publishing, the posts will appear automatically on the Knowledge Graph area. Take note that the appearance of the posts and the Knowledge Graph will only be triggered upon the search of the brand, company, or person.

Benefits of using Google Posts

Added visibility is one thing that businesses will enjoy when using Google Posts. Also, it’s an excellent way to keep their target leads informed and hooked. This is possible without the added need to convince them to click through your website or visit another page.

Google Posts is also an effective avenue for call to actions. In fact, you can integrate a CTA button within the post as another entry point to your sales funnel.

Since this tool is present in the GMB account, there’s no need for business owners to manage multiple platforms at a time.

How to use Google Posts

Once you have a Google My Business account, you can access this feature under the “Posts” tab on the left side of your dashboard.

From there, click “Create Post”. You can add an image, text, and title for each post. Also, you can select a CTA button if you want to use one.

Take note, though, that your image should have at least 344 x 344 pixels but not larger than 750 x 750 pixels.

Moreover, Google will crop the image in a square size to fit the Knowledge Graph area. You can select the visible area of the photo, nonetheless.

Each Google Post will last for a week, except for events-based posts, which will be taken down once the event date lapsed.

Also, you can post up to 10 Google Posts and it will be displayed in a carousel format. However, the images will appear smaller if you do this.

Monitoring your Google Posts

Checking the performance of your Google Posts is easy. On your GMB account, you can see how many visitors clicked on your posts and how many of them clicked the CTA button (if there’s any).

It’s a no-fuss feature, but make sure that you update it weekly or once the previous posts expire.

Final words

Google is continuously enhancing its platform. Its newest offer, Google Post, is yet another useful tool that business owners can utilize for added visibility and market reach. If utilized well, it can also be used to drive traffic to a website and increase sales.