Scottsdale SEO – Common Reasons for Inconsistent NAP

We all know that there’s a constant for NAP consistency. It is after all as important as typing the correct email address or URL. Inconsistent NAP would mean no conversion. You would not be able to invite new customers because the name, address, and phone number.

People Using Smartphones

Phone numbers are there for customers to call you so answer them.

What could be the reasons for these inconsistencies?

Many factors could cause these NAP inconsistencies. It could be because of human error, changes in the hierarchy of the business, and other unforeseen circumstances. Mainly, these are the reasons:

  • Changing the mailing address and NOT updating the existing directories.
  • Having 2 different addresses. One could be the corporate office and one could be the actual store address.
  • Giving different phone numbers. One could be a direct line and one may possibly be a referral number.

The instances posted above could affect your business’ local SEO, and it also affects your reputation. Your customers will cite it as a terrible experience because there were so many steps just to get the correct contact number and store address.

Ultimately, this will not make customers happy. This will eventually lead to loss of sales and damage to your brand.

Answers should be quick when asking for things like name, address, and phone number. Social media accounts ask for these details. You should complete these important details whether it’s on Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, and so on. If it’s not asked, highlight your NAP on your short bio.

Different directories.

Some businesses provide different numbers. They do this because they want to track how many inquiries/orders were on this number, that number. Not only that, some phone numbers are unique because they are solely used for marketing calls. So, if you called a particular number, and no one is answering, it’s probably reserved for outgoing calls only.

  • The upside: The business can gauge the results of their marketing strategies
  • The downside: Varying contact numbers would mean an inconsistent NAP.  Also, Google could list it as two different businesses and only one is correct. Customers have no time to play guessing games here. Is it a, b, or c? Whatever! They will just abandon it altogether.

Online Blinds.

  • This happens when users are faced with choosing from different options. For example, one company posted two addresses and two different numbers. It’s utterly confusing! Imagine, they have to exert extra time and effort just to transact with the company. Such a hassle!
  • Others do it as a ruse. They want to avoid prank calls and marketing calls. Yes, it is effective in preventing spam calls to reach you. Too bad, it also prevents customers to reach you.

It’s a Google thing!

Google uses a different algorithm compared to other search engines because it heavily relies on the current location of its user.

Of course, business would be easy if you have an actual store located at the right place, but it does not mean online stores are hopeless. You can still feature local products on your website. Just remember Google’s search guideline:

  • Main Content.
  • Supporting Content.

For example, you are in Arizona and you are looking for landscaper for your garden. So, when searching, Google identifies your inputted information as:

  • “landscaper” You are looking for a landscaper.
  • “in Arizona” Your location will be support element. This means that you are looking for landscaper in or near Arizona.

In short, the main keyword should show the product or service. The user’s location is then added as a supporting element to the query.