Why you should consider case studies and testimonials when choosing an agency

Finding the best SEO agency that will help launch your business to new and greater heights is easier said than done. After all, every agency that you can find on the Internet today will always promise unmatched services and the best results. So how do you separate the genuinely good ones from the posers? One good way would be to look at their case studies and testimonials that would prove their track record and reliability.

History Paints a Story

The best SEO companies will have countless success stories in the past, and they will never shy away from telling them to their new clients. Why would they? It is, after all, their greatest marketing advantage from the rest of the competition. If the company is therefore, what it says it is, then it will have case studies to back up that claim. If it does not, then perhaps the company is just all bark but no bite. The more case studies the company provides, the more convincing it is.

It is important to note that the case studies they provide should be detailed but easy enough to be understood by a client who absolutely knows nothing about SEO and marketing terminologies. In the end, the company’s history will paint a story on how it has helped their clients achieve their goals on the World Wide Web.

The Power of Word of Mouth

Case studies will help you a lot in determining an SEO agency’s reliability, but if you want to know how they treat their clients, testimonials are the perfect sources of this information. Testimonials will give you unbiased opinions from the agency’s past clients themselves so you will know exactly what their attitude is toward their partners, whether they are trustworthy, on time, respectful, etc. Reputable SEO agencies are always able and ready to provide potential clients with a list of testimonials. A lot of them will even have a testimonial page on their website.

Testimonial pages, however, generally filtered, which mean companies, will only allow those that are positive and discard those that are not. If you want genuine, unbiased testimonials, you can visit review sites and forums through Google, Yelp, or even Glassdoor (to know what their employees think about working for them).

Do a Manual Check

Finally, never forget to do a manual check on any case studies and testimonials provided by SEO agencies to confirm their validity. There are case studies that and testimonials that look glorious, but a quick manual check reveals that they are only made up stories. You should always verify website ever that the agency offers as case studies and the keywords that they said ranked for them. Testimonials can also be easily fabricated. You can try contacting that specific client that made the testimonial to confirm its validity. While it will certainly require some effort on your part, manually checking everything will guarantee that what you will be enjoying is completely legit and not some scam.