Content Optimization Made Easy

Optimize your content if you want your audience to know about it… and if you have been doing it for some time, you already know how to rank in search engines, right? You  mastered writing for people and algorithms? So, what is the next step?

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Read below and see what you can use to give you the success you’ve always wanted.

  • Great headline!

    • You’ve got to have that kind of headline that will move your reader to immediately click. But you have to make sure that your content is intensely, intelligently written and gives that cool vibe for your audience to enjoy.
    • To know if you are really that cool, score it by making use of an online tool like Portent’s title maker.
  • Study the current flow.

    • If you want to come up with a good headline, you first need to know the topics people are devouring. Being aware of the trends is important so as to make your content relevant to your audience. Don’t be the last to write about a certain trendy topic, people will know you are not updated.
    • To help you not to make a blunder on the investigative trends, there are tools that can help you. Read this post about 3 alternatives to Google’s Keyword Planner.

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    • Check the key influencers in your trade and observe what works for them. Know who gets a large share. You can categorize the results by using social network and find out what type of content is at various platforms.
  • Incorporate quotes.

    • Approach your content in the most refreshing way, employ influencers who are thought leaders in the field and those with large followings.
    • But remember, being famous and being able to influence others are two different things. They have advantages because they have the brains and the experiences. Anything they say, their followers will surely believe it.  And that is something you can use to your advantage.
    • You can use their quotes in your content and use whatever they have published make sure people know that it is your influencer’s work. Inform person that you have mentioned him or her in your content.
  • Do not forget the essentials of SEO.

    • Sure, you are busy, but do remember the little things you can do to lead the way to a great content traction. Go back to the basic footing of SEO, the meta tags. This is actually snippets of text that articulates the content of a page.
    • This looks unpretentious, but it is really that dynamic; it is everywhere! You may not be such a diehard coder, but that does not mean you cannot do great titles on your pages, meta descriptions included. That will enable readers to notice you.
  • Don’t make it difficult for others to share your content.

    • So how do you do this? Simple, make sure you do the following:
      • That there is a static social share toolbar on every page that has shareable content in your website ready to be used.
      • Make sure that at the end of an article or a blog, has share buttons.
      • Ask your audience to share or like your content. You can also ask a question so your audience can comment. You can start a discussion there and get yourself shares.
      • Include CTA buttons so your audience can easily share. If this does not work, tweak, if still no improvement, keep on trying until you find the right approach.