Why an Emotional Appeal Will Always Win Customers

In terms of technology, there are so many advancements that we don’t know where to start exactly. For one, we live in a mobile-centric world now. It is hard not to depend on our mobile devices. Inside our gadgets, we have our messages, conversations, emails, photos, and many more.

Four Person's High-fiving Each Others

The Changes Brought About by High Tech Gadgets.

  • Social media has been a very important part of our lives. For more than 7,694,800,000 people in this planet, it’s impossible not to be exposed to these technological advancements. Facebook, along with other social media apps, is an essential component of how we communicate today.
  • Aside from conversing and interacting, shopping has also greatly shifted from going through numerous stores to not leaving our homes. Did you know that more than 1.8 billion people shopped online in 2018 alone? That’s a lot people! Indeed, technology has brought tremendous change on how we go about our daily lives.

Emotional Creatures.

Because of these advancements in technology, you would think that even humans have changed. Nope, there are things that remain the same up to this day. Despite the numerous factors that vastly influenced us, we are still predictable beings. We enjoy good company; we appreciate good food; we despise being alone. Heck, we even cry when we watch something sad on TV. You really can’t deny that humans are inherently emotional.

Humans Have the Same Hardware.

As humans, whatever we decide on, we are under the control of the id, ego and super-ego. Whether we see hand bags, shoes, food, or the latest electronic gadgets, we can buy those items on a whim. Why do we get easily convince by these marketing strategies? Why can’t we say no?

According to Sigmund Freud, the human personality has 3 vital elements: the id, the ego, and the super-ego. The id includes all our primal instincts, and as I said earlier, we are naturally emotional. So, online businesses can use this fact to subtly convince us to buy whatever it is they offer.

If you have a business to manage, it is crucial to improve your website, and develop new ways to convert visitors to customers. Take note of this important fact that affect the shopper’s decision.

  • Emotions Remain Dominant.

  • No matter how humans claim to be logical, the truth is that we all are controlled by our emotions.
  • As marketers, when you advertise your products, never forget to tap the human emotions. Always captivate the hearts of your audience.
  • There’s even one study that concluded that the human brain favors emotion appeal. The facts and evidences we see help them decide. However, this logical approach makes the brain more resolute and unflinching. In short, when we consider the facts and the logic behind everything, our defenses are up!
  • On the other hand, when it’s an emotional appeal, our brains do NOT question these marketing strategies. I’m sure at some point you bought an item just because it made you smile. Perhaps, you went on a shopping spree because you got dumped.
  • In these situations, it proves that we tend to buy products based on our feelings. We decided to purchase an item simply because it made us happy.