How to encourage Google reviews and why you should care

Google is undeniably dominating the world today. Almost everyone in the western world goes to Google for pretty much everything—from getting information to buying products. And one way they can assess the quality of stores in particular is through Google business reviews. As such, Google business reviews are considered an essential tool through which to promote your business and its products to clients and customers. If you are a business owner trying to put up a searchable website online using Local SEO techniques, then you must know how to take advantage of Google business reviews. However, being new to this can be both daunting and confusing; enough to make you give up the whole online idea in the first place. But before you do that, we are here to help. Below are reasons why you should care about Google reviews and ways to acquire and encourage more of them.

Why Google Reviews are Important

Before you can actually ask for reviews, you must first make sure to set up a Google My Business profile. This is where you can put necessary information about your business for potential clients and customers to see. But above it all, the Google My Business profile is your review platform that is embedded into Google search results, Google Maps, and Google Local Guides. It is where Google reviews are placed which are the first things your target audience most likely wants to see.

Google reviews, as you have seen already, are 1 to 5-star ratings made by your customers based on their satisfaction and expectation. They appear hand in hand with your business information on the Google search results page. Google reviews provide an initial impression of your business, and it is where you can establish trust with your potential customers. Statistically, 88% of buyers read online reviews to determine the quality of a business before anything else. And this should be the main reason why you should care about Google reviews. It turns searchers into buyers. Furthermore, where local SEO is concerned, a great amount of positive Google reviews increases visibility in online search results.

How to Encourage Google Reviews

Ask Customer Feedback

A study found that seven out of ten consumers would most likely leave a business review if asked. This information is the type of assurance you need if you have no idea how to begin getting Google reviews. Asking your customers for feedback is one of the most effective ways to get reviews.

Responding to Reviews

Responding to feedbacks sends a message to consumers that you value their opinions. Take note that your response will also be made public. This is a good way to establish trust, which is very necessary if you want to keep your customers.

Make Reviewing Easy

All of your effort from asking reviews will be put to waste if you make it hard for customers to do it in the first place. You can make it easier by sending customers direct links to the review page.