Everything You Need to Know About Keyword Research in 2020

Keyword research has always been a key part of SEO. For years, experts have spent a huge amount of time finding the most searched for keywords that convert. The year 2020 will be no different.

Keyword research is still king in 2020

Keywords help website owners to generate organic traffic. But they also help website owners to better understand their audience and write about things their audience cares about.

Keyword research will remain essential in 2020. But the topic will change slightly. Voice search, in particular, will become more important and that will change how keyword research is executed. If you’re serious about your website, keyword research is essential in the year ahead.

Keyword research will become more topical

Keyword research in 2020 isn’t just about finding the highest traffic and highest converting phrases. If you want to generate serious traffic, you need to focus on the topics your users are searching for, not the specific words.T hat’s because long-tail searches have become even more common and your content can appear for searches you never even thought about.

This doesn’t mean that you no longer have to look for keywords, however. It actually means you have to do even more research.

Keyword research for voice search

SEO experts have forecast that voice search will account for as much as half of all search queries by 2020. This is going to have a huge impact on your keyword research. Voice searches are often longer and more natural than traditional searches on Google.

Search engines and devices now have AI systems that can interpret the meaning behind phrases and the searcher’s intent. The results they are given reflect this. As a result, your content needs to become more comprehensive in order to catch all of the many possible ways that people may search for your content.

What you need to know about long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are now the secret to great search traffic. They give websites even more chances to rank for a wider range of searches. The specific phrases themselves may not have as much traffic as traditional keywords, but there are a heck of a lot more than them. They are also much less competitive, too.

Long-tail keywords are also a great way to better understand your target audience, the sort of things they search for and what they want. As a website owner, you should also see higher conversion rates from long-tail keywords because they are much more specific in their intent.

Perhaps what is best about long-tail keywords is the ease at which you can find them For instance, you can create a long tail keyword by combining two or more short-tail keywords. Let’s take an example. Say you have three keywords: best phone case, phone case for iPhone 11 and clear phone case. You can use a keyword like the best clear phone case for the iphone 11 and have a very specific keyword that could rank for all three major keywords.


Don’t stop doing keyword research, just make more of an effort to find long-tail keywords.