How to Get More Google Reviews (Part 3)

Now, we are down to the last blog post on a 3-part series on how to get more reviews. If you need a recap on the previous 2 articles, here they are: How to Get More Google Reviews (Part 1) and How to Get More Google Reviews (Part 2).

5-star rating system

Train your customer service representatives to ask for reviews.

The customer service team represents your business. Each day, they will deal with numerous customers so you should equip them with the right resources. They should know how to handle product-related queries. Thus, they are sources of customer reviews. Without your customer service team, you won’t be able to gain enough reviews for your online business.

  • They should follow a script.
    • Provide concrete examples on how your team should ask for reviews. Asking right away may be too obvious that you are ONLY after the reviews. Instead, try to converse and interact first.
    • Directly saying, “Please leave a positive review on Google.” just seems so demanding of you. Why not try something like, “Thanks for your kind words, Ms. Smith! I am delighted to know that you are pleased with your recent purchase. If you want us to serve you better in the future, kindly leave a review on Google.”
  • Reward their efforts.
    • In part 2, I mentioned offering incentives to customers. This time around, I will tell you to reward your customer service team as well! Reward employees that are successful securing positive reviews. By doing this, you are motivating all your employees to work hard and gain extra pay if they ask for reviews.
    • If an employee’s name is mentioned, then, give him/her an extra incentive. This simply means that an employee was able to live up to the expectations of the customer expectations. Hence, you should reward this kind of productive employees.

Add a Google review link to your website or app.

When you merely copying and pasting reviews, it does not help prove your legitimacy. Highlight these positive reviews on your website. If you can, collate all the good and practical reviews, then, make customized graphic cards. Disseminate these visual aids to all your social channels.

Other than that, add button on your website like “Read what others are saying” to conveniently access all the reviews about your business. This way, you are redirecting your customers to your Google reviews page, allowing them to share their own shopping experience as well.

Host events and conduct giveaways.

Because not everything is about business, bond with your customers. By hosting a special event or by having a simple giveaway, you can show your gratitude to your customers. This helps in strengthening the growing relationship you have with the people around you.

For them to join the giveaway, there should be a condition like leaving a product review. The goal here is not to sell more goods, but to experiment on how to get more reviews. If you think doing special giveaways boost brand awareness and positive reviews, then, do it often.

When your customers are emotionally invested with your brand, they will become your repeat customers. Going back for more shopping won’t be too difficult to do. For sure, they will go out of their way to tell the world of your online business.

Wrapping up

Google is the leading in the world of search.  In fact, they are looking for ways to make search easier for everyone. It’s no surprise that everyone relies on Google even for product reviews. So, don’t forget to encourage your customers to leave helpful reviews on Google.