How to Get SEO Buy-in 

Let’s face it: not all business executives welcome the idea of SEO. They see it as another unnecessary expense that doesn’t have any direct benefit on their bottom line. SEO professionals tend to be outsiders who don’t have a place in their business. If ever SEO experts make it to the list, they are at the bottom. But most of the time, they are ignored.

So how can an SEO firm or marketer get buy-in from these reluctant executives? In this case, SEO becomes a second language that you have to teach non-SEO organizations. Here are some of the tips you can follow to convince these executives:

Show them the results

Most executives and business owners can be converted if you tell them the benefits SEO brings. Discuss how much revenue they can earn with search engine optimization, including its long-term benefits.

Make sure that you emphasize that SEO isn’t just about content. It’s also about web design, positive signals, branding, and other things.

Also, don’t be too salesy. Lay the cards on the table before you even discuss the price. Many companies are willing to pay more if you establish the benefit first.

Speak on their language

Can you imagine buying a pair of shoes if the salesman spits out jargon about their technology? The same goes for SEO if you want to secure buy-in. Be careful with SEO jargon; not everyone will understand it.

The best thing to do is to use plain words. For example, don’t mention the term ‘canonical page’ as if your potential client is knowledgeable of SEO jargon. Instead, tell them that it’s the master copy of a page.

Build relationships

When it comes to SEO, don’t just consider the organization as your client. Make real connections with employees so you can easily discuss SEO with them. This way, you can easily convince them that SEO matters in specific areas of their team.

Also, you can make the conversation more amicable and welcoming. This will reduce the tension as when you’re trying to sell SEO to an organization that is not familiar with you.

Give them time

As much as you can discuss SEO and its perks to an organization, you should give them time to weigh its benefits. Don’t expect them to sign a deal right off the bat. Remember that it’s still a business, and they have to consider a myriad of factors.

Also, you may need to give several proposals before finally convincing the organization to sign up to your SEO firm.

Make SEO more digestible

Again, skip the jargon and stick to plain English. Aside from that, you should also make SEO more digestible for the organization. You can do this by discussing how SEO applies to the day to day operation of their teams. This way, they can easily digest your ideas instead of dismissing it as expensive and lofty promises.

Embed SEO within their teams so they can see easily how it works.