Google Isn’t Ranking My Website. Why?

Failing to see your website’s ranking is a common dilemma. However, in the world of SEO, it must be noted that search rankings can be unpredictable. Even with the continuous efforts to monitor and optimize your site, it is still possible to see your rankings drop. Or, to an extent, not being ranked at all. This can be frustrating. Especially if you can’t particularly pinpoint what the actual problem is. But there’s no need to worry anymore. We have come to help you identify some of the possible reasons why Google is not ranking your site. They are as follows:

New Site

If you’re new to SEO, then you must know that it takes time for websites to organically rank higher. This has been a pretty well known fact in this industry for a long that results don’t come as fast as expected. So if your website is still new or has been running for only a month or so, then don’t expect to see your website rank any sooner. It may take quite a while to get the results you want. This is mainly due to how Google takes around two to three weeks just to index your website. You can check by typing “” in Google. If there’s nothing displayed, then you will have to wait for it to be indexed. After that will it only start ranking.

Wrong Targeted Keywords Used

By wrong, we mean here “high-volume” and “short-tailed”. While these two could be effective ways to rank higher before, using them now may not give you the results you want. These days, keywords are becoming far more competitive. There might have been other websites overusing a type of keyword, which could easily dismiss your website’s ranking if you use the same. This is especially true for high-volume and short-tailed keywords; since such keywords are usually pretty common. To avoid this, try targeting long-tailed keyword phrases instead. Unlike short-tailed, they are less common and less competitive. Long-tailed keywords are known now to drive more focused traffic, which could make it easier to rank high.

Weak Content

A key element in SEO that improves your site’s ranking is the content. However, this only pertains to relevant and useful content. And if your content is weak and poor, then it could be the reason why Google is not ranking your website. It could even be prone to be penalized. Before publishing content, you have to make sure that they are of high quality. Also, having quality content could help attract backlinks, which could boost your website’s credibility. Therefore, higher ranking and more visitors.

On-page SEO Not Optimized

If your on-page SEO is not optimized, then it is definitely the reason why you can’t see any improvements in your website’s Google ranking. To change this, you should be able to use static and keyword rich URLs. Furthermore, you should also optimize your title tags, heading, and alt tags. Keywords must be naturally placed and spread out throughout your content. It also helps to cover broader topics in your future content as this will ensure your website’s relatability. Doing these things could rank your site higher and generate more inbound links.