Great Tools That Will Assist You to Write a Better Content (Part 2)

You see, it is both skill and perseverance that will give you the right footing. But this is not everything. You still need to be well-equipped. This means you should know the tools of your trade. It can be very tricky, but when you find the right tools, you are good to go and produce phenomenal contents.

Group Of People Having A Meeting

Let us go over some that has proven its effectiveness. These will give you the different extent in all areas like research, collaboration, SEO, and analytics.


  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator is capable of giving ideas in seconds. Perhaps others would find it less practical, but it’s free so it’s worth looking into.
  • Quora is a Q & A website that can identify what the public are asking. There’s a search feature and a bunch of pop ups that will give suggestions. You can use Quora to advertise your products and services by making it the best solution. Surely, it will reach countless of people.
  • Reddit, like Quora, is full of content ideas because of its millions of users. It is primarily a discussion website that has a distinct subcategory or subtopics. You can use Reddit to ask for evaluation and perception that will guide you on what to improve more.


  • ProofHub is a tool for collaborating with people. Its features are mainly for content development. It enables teams to do checklists, set deadlines, allow discussions, share files, and a lot more. Another very practical feature is the “Calendar” and this is used to see the progress of tasks being done by the different people.
  • Dropbox Paper is another tool to assist your team in terms of file collaboration. It enables you to add files, write new ones, and anything that a word processor can do. A great thing about Dropbox Paper is that you can ask team members to comment, edit, or even assign the document to others. It is after all a rangy and direct version of Google Docs. They are both useful tools; it is really just a matter of preference.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization)

Now, everyone knows that there is more to writing than just words. You have to know the right way of using subheadings, keyword optimization, etc. It is important to know the tools that you need in content optimization in a heartbeat:

  • Yoast SEO is a tool to rate the readability and gauge the SEO-friendliness of what you have written. It tells you about the distinct issues you need to be aware of. For sure, you would know WordPress and if you are using it, then it is easy to add Yoast. You can use Yoast to add a keyword for your blog post. It will give you a checklist of things to do in order to enhance your content.


  • Google Analytics is a top FREE analytics tool brought to you by Google. It can assist you in providing better content. This tool will measure vital engagement metrics like average time duration of a user, page views of particle post, and more. It can also show you the content that your existing audience likes.