How to Achieve Success in Guest Blogging? (Part 2)

Did you ever try guest blogging for other website? What if someone asked you to do a blog post on their website? Do you know what to do? How should you prepare for it?

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I already talked about a few tips on this post. Here’s another batch of useful tips in attaining guest blogging perfection:

  • Aim for the best pitch.
  • Your idea must be different from the usual blog post. An outstanding pitch is imperative. Without an exceptional concept, your guest blog post will be meaningless.
  • With this being said, try not to make these mistakes:

    • You did NOT acknowledge the host. It’s common courtesy to acknowledge and thank the host when you get invited into their home. However, for some blog posts, the host was not even mentioned. Many people fail to provide relevant information about the host. What worse than that? Out of all the things you can misspell, please don’t misspell the name of your host. It’s embarrassing that the website team welcomed you with open arms and yet you butchered their names.
    • You did NOT add links to your online portfolio. Within your guest blog post, include links of your blog posts. It’s a way to promote your other works and enhance brand awareness. Not adding links to your website portfolio and blog just invalidates the goal of guest blogging. So, don’t forget to insert at least 3 links so the host site can verify and evaluate if your content fits their terms and conditions.
    • You are insisting an unrelated topic. Know the host website and propose a topic related to their field. Please do not talk about pop music when you are about to blog for makeup brand. Perhaps, makeup products and fashion trends will be a better pair than insisting your favorite song.
    • You did NOT abide with the rules. If a website permits guest bloggers in their site, they probably have a set of rules and regulations before you start writing. It’s not always handed to you so be responsible enough to search for these guidelines. It could be on their sidebar or footer. Look for phrases like “blogger guidelines,” “blog for us,” or “contribute.”
  • Add your own personal touch.
    • Your readers will appreciate it if you write about a particular topic that interests them. Know what they want and listen to their suggestions. Find out what they want to know from you.
    • To do this, as a writer, you need remember the following:

    • Use a keyword tool. By using a keyword tool, you will know what’s trending and what’s popular among users worldwide. There are lots of tools you can use; there’s a list of free keyword tools here.
    • Fill the gaps. Another way to read the previous blogs and see if readers have other questions. If they do, simply fulfill a request posted by reader. That should give you an idea on what to write for your guest post.
    • Add links. You can also do a follow-up post on an existing post, and link them together to enhance link building efforts. The web admins would be happy to know that you have interconnected 2 related topics together. This helps in boosting popular post; it amplifies and increases its reach.