Scottsdale Web Design – How to Build the Ideal Location Page? (Part 2)

In part 1, I talked about adding NAP, uploading pictures, and describing the location. So, I guess it’s time to tackle the rest of the list.

person holding map looking for directions

  1. Valuable CTA

When you do add CTA, it has to make sense and it should give extra worth and satisfaction to the user’s journey.  A few alternatives for CTAs are:

  • Provide descriptive guidelines (connect to Google Maps)
  • Give people an option for advance reservations, or
  • to ask for an appointment.
  • If you have an online store, add a SHOP NOW button!
  1. Information About Your Business

 Make sure you have the information of your business so people can easily locate you. To add to that, it could also be of great help for geographical keywords.

Based on practical experience instead of theory, it is good to use the basic navigation such as East, West, North, and South. Important intersections is a great help to find your place of business. You could also include the neighboring businesses in your instructions. One easy way for clients to find you is when you indicate the nearest mall!

  1. Map

 When you integrate a map, it is useful because users can immediately know if your location is near their area. If you can, utilize the Google Maps to create a personalized map.

  1. Schema

 I encourage businesses to look up local businesses in the area. So, make an effort to look for the businesses that is related to your own business. To do that, check to have a list of more business types to discover the kind that is the finest matches for your business.

  1. Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Obviously, you might wonder why on earth are you worrying about the title and meta description when all you wanted was to center your attention on the LOCATION, right? The thing is, whether you want to trust me or not, local businesses gain traffic from the organic results. You need cover all the important areas, and guarantee that edit your listing so that anyone can find your business.

Page Title

 A title should have these basic factors:

  • Name
  • Important keyword
  • Location

Meta Description

 Meta descriptions should have the three elements from the title at the same time, putting some USP. Add something that make the users click, grab their attention, and offer a solution to their problem.

  1. Internal Links

 There are many ways to insert internal links to your landing pages. Not everything is useful to your business, you can always find out from the list below:

  • Link to the other neighboring areas.
  • If your location has particular services, then link to informational pages stating the kind of services.
  • Linking your location to particular social media profiles.
  • Medical clinics should link to the doctor profiles.
  • Restaurants must link themselves to menus.
  • Connect to your company regarding page.
  • Make sure you have a room for internal blog posts.
  • Connect to any accessible online shopping domain.
  1. The Speed

 For local SEO specifically, load speed is a vital ranking element because having a swift loading location page makes a huge difference. Utilizing Google PageSpeed Insights can help assess the speed. If not, you can use GTMextrix. More details are discussed on Useful Pointers to Increase Website Speed.