How to Get More Google Reviews (Part 2)

The reviews you receive are proof that you are doing a legit business. This really helps in boosting your reputation and reliability. Whether you get positive or negative reviews, the important thing to do is to acknowledge them.

Respond to the online reviews and assure them that you are seeing their feedback. All reviews should be appreciated. Why? In a study posted on, the researchers emphasized on the fact that responding to product reviews produce higher ratings for your business.

a customer leaving a 5-star rating

So, don’t ignore the reviews. Thank your customers for making a helpful review and let them feel that leaving a review is NOT a waste of their precious time.

Remember to acknowledge the reviews whether it be positive or negative.

  • Positive reviews

Positive reviews are the foundation of your online reputation. Of course, you would want to have more positive reviews than negative reviews. So, be thankful when someone leaves a positive one.

  • Negative reviews

When someone leaves a negative review, don’t be said. Here’s how a negative review can help your business.

Remember, a negative review is your chance to convert into happy customers. You just need to do the following:

  • Rule number #1: Apologize.
  • Being defensive won’t help you.
  • Instead, be polite and courteous.
  • Connect with the customer via email or private message so you can ask for the specific details.

If you need to, then, apologize to your unhappy customers. Take note of their suggestions and opinions. Use this poor shopping experience to improve your services in the future. When your happy customers see that you are even responding to the negative ones, then, this will encourage them to leaving a 5-star Google review.

Educate your customers on the importance of leaving a review.

  • Most of the time, the customers think that when they are done shopping, that’s it. No, inform them of the significance of product reviews.
  • Customers might ask, “What’s in it for me then?” In a way, remind them that reviews are for you to improve your service. Thus, improving your customer relations as well. Emphasize on how you are going to use their reviews.
  • Aside from it fostering long-term customer relationships, reviews help you make better products and create better user experience. Remember, customers will only take action if they know the purpose of their review.
  • So, add value to the reviews and pick the correct words to explain your point. For example, you can say something like, “this is to make better products” or “we are finding ways on how to serve you better”. When you are encouraging your customers to leave a review, give them a little nudge and motivate them that the reviews will benefit them. At the end of the day, they will be rewarded by the product review they leave behind.

Offer a token as a sign of gratitude.

  • Lastly, thank your customers for taking the time to write a review. To express your gratitude, you can offer a simple gift. This is could be a small discount voucher and a free item on their next purchase. It really doesn’t need to huge and expensive. This is not a way to bribe them; it just simple means that they are welcome to leave a good (or bad) review. Still, you are giving them a small token for doing so!

In the end, you should help your customers see the benefits of leaving a review. If you need to catch up on part 1, here’s the link to How to Get More Google Reviews (Part 1)