Scottsdale Web Design – How to Rob Organic Clicks from Massive Brands?

Frequently, big companies – like Amazon, Walmart, Apple, and etc. – control the searches because they have a huge team, a hefty budget to work with, and of course, a popular brand.

To be honest, not everyone has that luxury. So, the question is, how do you compete and stand out if the Goliaths in the industry have all those assets within reach?

GIANT signage

How do you ever compete with big brands like Amazon?

In this post, I will show you the means to win organic clicks and conversions from these huge brands.

The best way to beat the more powerful brands is to look into the following:

Content Gap Examination

First, you gotta fill in the gaps. Study their content carefully, and try to identify the keywords that they are ranking for. For sure, there are keywords they have not used. (More on: 5 Free SEO Tools That You Should Use)

Take time to do a competitors research and analyze who are the leading brands in the field.  This will tell you the keywords that the behemoths aren’t ranking for. Then you will know where your advantages lies.

Content Format Break

Next, look into is the structure of the content that are not being used by your opponent. Videos, audio files, and diagrams add to the means of how your website can be spotted. The minute you know what content others are not using, then you can bridge the gap. Read more: 6 Steps in Developing SEO-Friendly Content for Your Website

Show Your Power

Developing how you show your content is a good step to counter a giant opponent. Most of the time, because of the voluminous products and pages on a website, companies depends on the template page titles and descriptions instead of doing it by hand. Now, that would be your advantage.

Creating a fascinating meta description to get more clicks is the essential of SEO. More on: Tips on Writing Compelling Product Descriptions

Increase your Exceptional Content

The next strategy is making use of is schema markup. This approach will allow search engines to gather data and show it in the SERPs in a more exquisite manner.

For instance, if add videos on your website, you could mark it up in a way that Google will decide to fill the video carousel. So, even if the Goliaths of your industry has an awesome content, they can never outrank the video you have made. This is because a video is far more interesting and visually satisfying than mere texts! More on: 4 Quick Tips to Improve Content

Utilize Other Means

Having a budget for paid search accounts is already a huge accomplishment in itself. No one is that fortunate to have the resources to advertise and promote a content.

So, if you are using paid advertisements, collect all the necessary information. Study the converting terms that are pertinent to your campaign. Know that the giant brands may be outsourcing essentials in their campaign. Try to use the data you have gathered. Read more: 3 Amazon Strategies You Can Apply on Your Website

These are only one of the many methods you can do to rob organic clicks from the behemoths. However, this is a good starting point. I hope to discuss more next time.