The Impact Of Fonts On Your Website

The way you utilize fonts can impact the performance of your website. Its impact isn’t as big as images, but fonts can help give a slight boost to the speed of your site. It can even improve user experience and readability. Read on to know more about the impact of fonts on the multiple aspects of your website.


The More Typefaces Utilized, The More Files To Download

Remember that every utilized typeface on your website needs a file download. Regularly, sites will look good with 2-3 different typefaces.


Adjust the color, size, and mass of the text if you want to make a contrast between different forms of content on the page. Consider using system fonts to speed up the load time. Unlike typefaces, system fonts require no download.


To ensure that system fonts are solely utilized on limited screens, consider using a media query. The media query will call in the download of the font file if the font suits the current size of the screen.


Font Selection Offers Personality

The main idea of using a font selection is to create the personality of your website. For this reason, you need to evaluate the core purpose of your business, product, and content. Once you decide which message you want to communicate with your customers, select the typeface that demonstrates your content’s idea.


Take Taco Comfort Solutions, for example. Observe how the font they have selected gives you a feeling of being in a green environment which they promised to offer with their air quality comfort systems.


The Alignment Of Text Affects Readability

The way you position and arrange the text on your website can have a large impact on the content’s readability. You can align the font in four traditional ways: center, left, right, and justified. However, you can pretty much do any type of alignment with the presence of Photoshop and other editing software.


The text alignment of your page should help direct the users to the most significant information and see its flow and construction in the page. Make a long text article interesting by utilizing the strength of colors, alignment, and font-sizing.


The 4 Basic Types Of Fonts


This type of font is ideal for headings. For a more powerful impact, use it together with other font types. Never use this font for innovative companies because they’re known to be outdated.



This type of font is serif minus the feet. It’s ideal to use for your website’s main body. Never use this font on a food website because its simplicity doesn’t encourage appetite.



Also known as calligraphic, script looks like a real handwriting. You can use this font in headings and together with other fonts. Never use this font if your website is a business based on facts because it doesn’t offer a reliable feel.



This type of font offers an eye-catching visual effect. Use this font in your logos and other fonts for a more attractive web design. Never use this font on your main body because it will hard to read.