Important On-Page SEO Factors to Optimize (Part 1)

Over the past years, the concentration was on off-page strategy: link building and technical factors.  In truth, off-page SEO will not work if you do not acknowledge the essentials of on-page SEO.  Today, we shall talk about on-page SEO and the full-picture of why it is important and the most significant on-page SEO essentials that you should understand.

design plan on website optimization

But first let us be one in the same in knowing what an on-site SEO or on-page SEO is. This is an approach in optimizing web pages to improve the ranking of the search engine of your site and assist you to gain organic traffic. This also means your site’s mastery, dependability, and reliability. Pay attention to the distinctive features of every web page and when you put everything together, it will boost your site’s presence in the search engine results.

Therefore, why is On-Page SEO crucial?

On-page SEO aids the search engines to recognize your site and content. This is like a barometer that measures your applicability to the searcher’s inquiries. We all know, that the search engine is more elaborate today and it does give much importance on appropriateness and semantics in SERPs. Meanwhile, Google with its opulence of sophisticated algorithms, is now much better at the following:

  • Comprehension of what exactly people are searching for when they type their inquiries.
  • Taking search results to the user whatever it is like shopping, educational, navigational.

Accommodating to this progress is important and it can easily be taken cared of by just making sure that your website and content are both noticeable to your audience on your web pages. This includes images, texts, and other essentials that can only be seen by search engines. We are talking about structured data and HTML tags that should be greatly optimized. In contrast to this is the off-page SEO that is made up of outside signals, that is backlinks. So, you cannot deny the fact that you have the control in optimizing an on-site essentials. If you put all your efforts in on-page strategies, you can anticipate a big escalation on your traffic and search visibility. Now that it is cleared, we can go to the important on-page SEO features:

  • E-A-T

    • Signifies Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This is the groundwork on how Google will rate the web pages, content writers, and the websites and its entirety.
    • Google gives more weight to the excellent content. On the other hand, those websites that has a below the par content will not have that kind of visibility. There is an association between Google’s excellent quality content and the results that comes from the search engine page. Thus, E-A-T has a big part in Google’s organic search results. Do not ignore these essential factor and use it in your SEO strategy.
  • The Title Tag

    • The title tag is noticeably placed in the search engine result pages consistently used as the clickable link when users want to look at a site. It has a small-scale result on organic rankings and that is the reason why sometimes this has been neglected. But then again, if you do not do something about your title, how could someone click your page? Surely, it would give you to a negative SEO results. Bottom line is, you formulate titles that are interesting to your users. Optimize this essential, and you will gain a lot of  clicks.

This is not over yet; more to come on on-page SEO elements part 2.