Scottsdale Web Design – In What Way Does Website Security Impact Your SEO?

People can determine whether or not they are safe online. If you think having a firewall and having a strong password are enough to ensure security, you are wrong.

There are so many computer hackers out there who can harm not just your website but your personal data as well. They are so savvy that you will only know after the damage has been done.

If you are a website owner or if you are a digital marketer, you need to be on guard when it comes to website security. It is vital that you take all the necessary security efforts or the absence of it will definitely affect your SEO ranking.

two bullet surveillance cameras attached on wall

By now you know how important website security is, and for sure, you are considering to get into it. Don’t worry, it is actually rather easy. To do that, let us first know in what way does your website security impact your SEO?

  1. HTTPS is a Google ranking signal.

In one blog post on the Webmaster Central, Google confirmed that HTTPS is indeed part of their ranking algorithm.

Every digital marketer knows that a site has to gain organic search rankings. While it is true that we need to know that Google anticipate a high-grade site, do not forget that the final objective is not to gratify Google. It is to cater and satisfy your users by giving them the answers to their concerns.

This means giving them pertinent and authoritative articles and offering them a great outcome while ensuring their safety when they decide to engage with you.

Having said that, you should make sure you secure information and let your audience knows about it by utilizing the HTTPS domain distinction. This will require you to buy an SSL certificate. If you do not use HTTPS then you are not updated. Also, Google made HTTPS one of the ranking factors.

  1. Watch out because an unsecured connected could have you blacklisted.

Sure, you do not have a bad intention of hurting your audience, but still poor website security can put your site in a huge risk from hackers. Before you know it, everything you worked hard for for many years will just go down the drain. Start protecting your site before someone meddles with it and starts putting links on your site. Search engines will black list your website. Having your security will protect you in this scenario and maintain your honesty. If you do not, then it will take a long time before you can go back to the same ranking you used to enjoy before.

  1. Your audience should know that you are dependable.

Users will always be in the look out. If you do not have HTTPS, they will stay away from you.  A straight warning will make your audience scamper away. Should you have huge bounce rates, it could be because you do not have a website security. Bear in mind, do not risk not having one because rebuilding the trust of people once they had a bad experience with you could be very difficult.

Guaranteeing the users that they will have a great experience in your site is good SEO. So, do not risk your reputation; do your website security now!