How Local Businesses Can Get More Reviews For SEO

Local businesses practice search engine optimization for a couple of reasons. Part of its main objectives is conversion – that is, to get people to visit their shop and hopefully “convert” them into paying customers. It’s definitely possible with local SEO. Amy Bishop of Clix Marketing says that 72% of people who perform local searches visit a store within 5 miles.

One way of converting potential customers into actual buyers is with the help of positive reviews. A survey by YouGov reveals that 78% of American consumers read reviews before deciding to buy. People trust these reviews too! In an earlier survey, they found that 87% of consumers trusted reviews in the same way they trusted family or friends.

Getting reviews can be challenging, however. So in this guide, we’ll give you tips on how to get more reviews for SEO.


Tip #1: Launch an email campaign

If you have email subscribers waiting, then you’re several steps ahead. Some of them are probably already your customers. Others might have signed up because they’re interested in what your business offers, and are looking to buy in the future.

But if you don’t have an active email list, you could start by signing up for an email marketing software. Set up a landing page on your website inviting visitors to subscribe. You could also collect the emails of people who ordered from you and add them to your list.

Once you have a list ready, send them emails and ask them to leave feedback about your business and their experience with you, your products, or your services.


Tip #2: Ask for a review

Encourage customers who visit your shop to leave reviews online. They may not know about your website or social media. And if you advertised offline, you’d be able to cover your grounds and extend your online reach.

You can ask some visiting customers in person after they make a purchase, but there are other ways to prompt them. For example, you can create tabletop signs directing people where they can leave reviews, such as your Facebook page. You can also get the message across using receipts or business cards.


Tip #3: Engage with customers

You can’t expect all your reviews to be positive. There will be bad reviews, and that’s totally normal. Just make it a point to engage with every customer who has left reviews. That way, potential clients will get the impression that you communicate actively.

A study published in Harvard Business Review shows that responding to customer reviews led to better ratings. People who see businesses replying to both positive and negative reviews, were more likely to rate the same business higher than businesses who did not respond. These people were also less likely to leave bad reviews.

Be thankful to customers who left good reviews and calmly respond to those who left negative comments. See how you can provide bad reviewers a more positive experience.


Tip #4: Spread the word

Share your best reviews on social media, and you might be able to convince more people to convert and leave equally great reviews. When people see that others only have good things to say about you, they are more likely to do the same.