How to make affordable SEO work for you

SEO can be incredibly expensive if you’re not careful. Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars each month on their SEO efforts. But high quality and effective SEO doesn’t have to cost the earth. It’s very possible to find a high-quality SEO provider who will charge an affordable rate for their services.

It’s not easy, however. When you try to find affordable SEO you will usually be confronted by dozens of providers offering SEO for next to nothing. The trouble is that they will usually deliver nothing, either.

Here’s what you need to know to find an affordable SEO provider who works for you.


What is affordable SEO

The cost of SEO can vary massively. Some agencies will charge as little as $100 a month, some as much as $10,000 a month. Affordable SEO is anything in the $300 to $1000 a month range. Any less and it’s not worth paying. Any more and it’s too much for a lot of business owners to afford.


When is affordable SEO a good fit?

Affordable SEO is not a good fit for everyone. There are certain companies that definitely shouldn’t pay for affordable SEO. If you are a national or international company, or an online store looking to attract buyers from across the country, you’ll need to pay more to see real results.

If you are a small local or regional business, however, affordable SEO is normally a sound choice. That’s because it’s much easier to rank for local terms than it is national ones so SEO providers can do high-quality work for less.


What your affordable SEO must include

Some cheap SEO providers will try and fob you off with a cheap service that doesn’t have everything you need. Be careful to make sure you are paying a fair price and getting great value. Here’s everything your affordable SEO package should include:

  • Technical SEO – your website needs to work properly in order to rank. This makes sure that the structure is sound.
  • On-page SEO – Every SEO campaign should start with a thorough on-page SEO assessment and optimization if necessary. It doesn’t have to be ongoing but it has to be included
  • Content creation and optimization – As part of your on-page SEO review, it’s likely that your content will need to be optimized. New content should also be created on a monthly basis to ensure you rank for as many keywords as possible.
  • Local SEO – Because you are a local business, local SEO is essential. Some providers will charge more for local SEO and label it a different service. But if you’re paying for SEO it should definitely be included.
  • Link building – Every SEO package should include link building as it is the most important part of SEO. Yet many affordable packages will leave it out or create spammy links. Make sure that your package includes link building and that the links they build are high quality.

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