Nine Useful Website Links (Part 3)

Person Using Laptop Computer during DaytimeThis guide will help you in searching for images, checking your grammar, calculating different time zones, and many more. There is NO need to sign up and submit any personal information on the websites listed below.

Check out these useful sites:

  • Dot Epub –  This website will transform a web page to an ebook. If you are going to be traveling, this website is helpful when you are on the road and have no internet access. You can convert any page into an .epub or .mobi file.
  • Google Images – Searching an images using keywords is normal, but searching using an image is not usual. Yes, you can now search by uploading an image and Google Images will show you results regarding the uploaded photo.
  • Hundred Zeros – If you love books, this site is for you. The website made simplified Amazon books for you and made a list of free Kindle books. Browse through a vast selection of eBooks, and once click a particular book, you will be redirected to the book’s official Amazon page. There, you can download and send it to your eReader. This simple site is a gem if you are veracious reader.
  • Adobe Color – This tool is really helpful if you are an interior designer, or a web designer. You can experiment on color palettes or follow guides regarding complementary, analogous, triad color rules. There is no need to worry because you can mix and match colors without making a mess!
  • Copy/Paste Characters  – Do you need to type a document in Latin or Greek? This website provides you a variety of special characters. When you need to mathematical equations, you can also choose different arrows and symbols. You just have to copy the characters you need and paste them wherever you want. ☺ (Yes, there are emojis, too!)
  • Random.Org  – If you need to draw winners for giveaways, it’s time to say goodbye to the magical fishbowl. will save you time, and generate a random number for you. There is also an Integer Set Generator. If you don’t know where to travel next, Geographic Coordinate Generator will help. You can find various generators in like List RandomizerClock Time Generator, and so on.
  • Polish My Writing – This is a FREE grammar checker. Plus, it’s an easy to use website because you only need to paste your document on box and it will scan your writing. Spelling errors are the red ones, grammar corrections are colored blue, and style suggestions are green.
  • Timer  – Who said timers are only for bakers? If you need a ten-minute timer, a timer for doing 8 reps, or make your own timer, Timer has every timer you need.
  • Every Time Zone – As a telecommuter, remembering various time zone can be very hard to do. Calculating the time differences can be difficult for some people. If you need to schedule meetings with clients abroad, or you have a multi-city flight to memorize, Every Time Zone simplified everything about time zones.

Let’s recap!

Part one is about online image editors, sending notes, and private chat rooms. Part two is about internet security, file scanners, and web archives. Lastly, the third part is about numbers generators, timers, and eBooks.