November 2019 Google Update Confirmed!

In the first week of December, Google confirmed the roll-out of its November 2019 update. It’s the neural matching algorithm, which will change how the search engine interprets local search queries. With this, businesses should expect a change in rankings and traffic.

Should you panic? Below, we discussed what you need to know about this newest update and what you have to do about it.

What is the November 2019 update?

The November 2019 update is the roll-out of the neural matching algorithm. From its testing phase that started sometime in 2018, it is now rolled out globally to all countries where Google can be accessed.

Basically, the neural matching is a “super synonym system” that interprets queries and detects its local intent. This way, even if the query doesn’t have an indicated location or business name, Google will attribute it to an improved set of results. This is where local businesses feel the change.

This process translates to a change in local rankings and a noticeable decline or increase in traffic. Still, it’s a positive change as traffic will be given to the business, which is most relevant to the search query.

Should I panic?

Of course not, Google highlighted that this is just one of their ongoing efforts to make its platform a better place for both users and website owners. There’s no need to fight it out or set a full-force campaign to combat the initial effects of the algorithm update.

What to do 

According to Google, nothing. The search engine encourages website owners just to keep on optimizing based on their guidelines, which were published a long time ago. Although it can be tempting to make major adjustments on your website, it’s best to wait for the aftermath of this update. Although you’re noticing a change in rankings and traffic, it’s best to plan your next move first.

Unless the decline in traffic is massive, you don’t have to worry about potential revenue losses. The traffic you’ll lose is a chunk of visitors that are not converting. Also, this will likely be replaced with better leads as long as you continue optimizing for SEO.

Why you need to be aware

First of all, if you’re a website owner, it’s your job to stay abreast of any Google updates. If it affects your rankings, it should be your concern.

Still, there’s no need to panic or change plans right away. As much as a new SEO strategy might help regain your rankings, your current campaign can be left as-is. The neural matching algorithm will change the course of search query interpretation, but it’s also for your benefit as the website owner.

Aside from that, it will also benefit internet users as they will get better local results.

Final words 

The November 2019 update is a big thing, but it shouldn’t stir panic to website owners. You can adjust your SEO strategies to regain your rankings. Other than that, you don’t have to make a major revamp on your website. Just follow Google’s recommendations and you’ll be fine.