Organic Search Drives the Majority of Web Traffic

Ever since the beginning of the internet, organic search has ruled web traffic. In fact, about 70% of the revenue for B2B companies came as a result of organic search. Over the past five years, organic search has become even more important. In fact, it accounts for over 68% of all trackable website traffic on the entire web. With this growing organic traffic, small businesses need to keep up.

What the numbers say

Unlike social media with a flat referral rate of ~5%, organic search takes up to 76% of the referral share. The B2B industry enjoys the most organic visits at 64.1%, followed technology at 59.8%.

On the other hand, channel visits only took up 20.6% for B2B industries. It’s the highest in media and entertainment at 32.7%. Nevertheless, it didn’t top the traffic organic search brings.

As for social visits, the level is tied at a single-digit percentage. The highest rate recorded is 8.2% in the media and entertainment industry, while the lowest is at 2.7% in the technology.

Organic search vs. paid search 

Organic traffic is free and it doesn’t have the same limits that paid search does. The latter is a limited campaign where the website owner runs a PPC campaign. With this, paid search is limited to what you can spend and the scope of your campaign.

On the other hand, organic search is reliant on SEO. Although search engine optimization takes time to bear fruits, it lasts longer than paid search. Besides, various think tanks have stressed the value of organic search both in rankings and conversion.

Also, organic search through SEO works around the clock to bring in traffic. Still, unlike with PPC, it’s unlikely your website’s traffic will not drop in an instant. As much as PPC offers instant traffic, it will also cause an abrupt decline in traffic once you stopped paying.

Why should businesses care about organic search?

For all of the reasons we have discussed above and many more. Organic search is

simply the best and most cost-effective way to drive long-term traffic to your website

. What’s more, by focusing on SEO, you’ll naturally be improving your website through better content and more backlinks.

The traffic quality from organic search also tends to be higher than PPC or social traffic. That’s because customers actively come to your site to find answers rather than because they have seen an ad.

Moreover, small businesses especially will benefit a lot from organic search. Since it’s free, organic search becomes a more viable option to market your website. PPC can quickly become expensive with costs that spiral out of hands. That alone can drive new businesses, especially local businesses

Final words

Organic search is the leading traffic generator on the web. This is why businesses should utilize every possible method to boost their online presence through SEO. Instead of investing in PPC campaigns alone, the wait is worth it with organic search. It offers long-lasting benefits at a lower cost.