Our SEO Predictions For 2018

The SEO landscape is constantly changing, and marketers have to adapt to this change if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Major Google updates have made some crafty SEO practices outdated. This makes it important that you know the recent trends so you can ensure that your website is still visible in search engine results.

Here are the top SEO predictions that you can expect in 2018.

The Knowledge Graph Will Rule

The return of the Google knowledge vault from Google and the Semantic Web will create more compelling featured snippets and structured snippets. People are going to advertise in knowledge graphs where entities and actions are the main focus of the campaign. The rise of knowledge graphs will offer better and more consistent answers to users.

Image And Video Search Will Greatly Improve

Little by little, online interactions have become more visual. Visual online interactions will surge in 2018 as internet speeds become faster, social media platforms become more visual-friendly, and more people prefer more images and videos. By this trend, search engines (like Google) will treat images and videos differently.

The Rise Of Voice Search

In 2017, the sales of smart speakers have grown rapidly and are predicted to still grow in 2018 as newer models begin to roll out. With the popularity of smart speakers, voice search is predicted to rise this year where you can interact with search engine results with your voice alone. This could extremely change the form of queries we see online.

Less Traffic For Most Websites

Expect clickthrough rates to decline as featured snippets and other SERP features are overhauled. This won’t be as bad as the decline in organic reach and Facebook’s CTR over the past years, but it will be the same. Twitter and LinkedIn are more likely to decrease the amount of traffic they refer out to other sites in 2018.

WordPress Will Keep On Dominating

WordPress has dominated each other CMS in the market among most famous few million sites on it. In 2018, expect WordPress to increase their lead as they get more aggressive about growing their investment and no suitable alternative has yet appeared. A 25% to 35% growth rate might be expected as more people move to WordPress for its flexibility and security options.

More Individualized Customization

The personalization of search results will likely rise further in 2018 due to the popularity of smart speakers, the ease of search, and greater technological style. This individual customization might make harder to predict how your company will rank or how rankings are calculated.

Maximized Quality Of Content

The customer journey is more significant so it’s predicted that most sites will use anything to maximize the quality of their content. They might achieve this by using content analytics, user metrics, and heat maps. They won’t rely on Google alone but use 10-30 touchpoints for every business.

SEO will still be vital in 2018 as SEOs know the whole journey on how to drive sales. Need someone to hold your hand on the journey? Our team are here to help.