SEO is still important for small businesses


There isn’t a single business on the planet that couldn’t benefit from search engine optimization in one way or another. From small mom and pop stores to huge corporations, everyone could do with improving their online presence.

You might be thinking that it isn’t worth your business investing in SEO. We’re here to help change your mind. Because if you don’t start investing in SEO now, you could be left far behind by your competitors.


Here’s why SEO is still important for your small business

1.    SEO is an important part of your sales funnel

Your sales funnel is an important part of your business. But a sales funnel only works when there are users coming in to it. Traffic from search engines is by far the largest segment of traffic for most businesses.


That means a slight increase in where you rank in Google could have a big impact on the amount of people coming to your website.

2.    SEO can help you engage your audience

Ranking at the top of Google is a great sign of trust to potential customers. It shows them that Google thinks you are trustworthy and reputable. One way to do that is by creating high quality content. This content doesn’t just help you rank, it also lets you explain your expertise to your customers.


3.    SEO gives you more exposure than anything else

Getting seen is one of the biggest priorities for small businesses. The vast majority of internet sessions start with a search query. That means simply being found in Google can lead to thousands of people visitng your website. There is way more potential for exposure on Google than there is on Facebook or via PPC ads.

4.    SEO is better than PPC

In the long-run, SEO is a mch better choice than PPC. Sure, you might get customers immediately with PPC, but you have to keep paying. Create a great blog post once and you will keep getting visitors for years.


6.    SEO works night and day to bring in traffic

Once you’ve created quality content that ranks highly in Google, it is on the web forever. Without you needing to do anything else, it will bring in traffic to your site — even while you sleep. That means, unlike PPC, you don’t have to keep tending to it. You can plant the seed and then watch it grow.


7.    Your comeptitors are doing SEO

The truth is, search engines are going to be used by your customers whether or not you actively try and rank high in them. Your competitors are also going to be doing SEO regardless of what you do. That means potential customers are going to be going to your competitors instead of to you. And the only reason is because you aren’t investing in SEO. For most business owners, that would be unacceptable. It probably is for you, too.