SEO Tactics That Assure You of a Great Outcome (Part 1)

person holding gold trophySEO takes a lot of work; it is no wonder people loves to take the easy shortcuts. To be honest, it is such a comfort to know that there are still some things you can do that is not so difficult. Link building is an example of this, and the result is substantial. There are more methods you can use to have that are kind of efficient in terms of content development and link building. Here they are:

  • Cut off outworn and poor content.

You probably created a lot of content that you think will work. But the truth is, a few of them may be trash. The solution to that dilemma is to prune the content. The sad thing is, there are still people who thinks that it is okay not to prune the content even if they know that Google has fortified this kind of attitude again and again. The result of which is of course no effect on their traffic and ranking.

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  • Distinguishing the content to be cut off.

To make things easier for you, use a tool called Screaming Frog. It will crawl your site and produce a URL list. This way, you get everything. Now that you have the details with you, you can now review the list. That is the only way to know which one is of high caliber content and those that are simply trash. The next thing to do is to physically visit each page to study the content.

Concentrate on this list and remember that Google Search Console will help you export your .CSV file of the URLs that Google has cataloged for your site. This will help you classify by traffic. So, at this point analyze the URLs without traffic and work yourself up.

The pages that you have deleted should be diverted to another high caliber page. Remember, do not redirect them back to your main page. If not, put them in an acknowledged pertinent page or let 404 error page take care of them.

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  • Apply schema markup.

There is no confirmation that schema markup can affect ranking, but it is still crucial to SEO. Why? Well, it could escalate the presence of your website in the search results by bigger click-through rates. The use of schema or structured data assists the search engines to bring in more factual conclusions for users. Putting it to use is actually very simple. Right now, Google is utilizing speakable markup which will surely gain prominence in the years to come.

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  • Upgrade your internal links.

Despite the fact that this is such a strong scheme, it is vital that you regularly check it out. A common problem with internal links is that the content is often moved or deleted in the websites where it is often published. To avoid this, use Screaming Frog or SEMrush to identify if there are any redirect chains. You can likewise manage your internal links using WordPress websites. There are other plugins, too. This way, you can easily develop, delete links in your site, and edit.