SEO Trends You Should Focus on By 2020

New Year, new SEO trends. For website owners, the New Year marks a period of audits and planning. And just in time before the year ends, we have consulted SEO experts to list some trends that will make it big next year. Some are the usual trends while others are new updates on the block that will change how you optimize for search.

So for the year 2020, here are some of the trends you should watch out for:

Structured data

Structured data have been around for years, but for 2020, this SEO strategy will become more prominent. By using structured data, you can gain an edge over the BERT update and your competitors.

Also, by using structured data, you’re helping search engines crawl your content. It helps search crawlers understand the context of your content by analyzing the connection of the elements to each other.

More security features

Website security has long been a ranking factor in Google. But for 2020, this will become a very important trend. This is crucial as the rate of cyber threats has risen in the past years.

According to the Internet Security Threat Report of Symantec, about 4,800 websites get compromised each month due to formjacking codes. This is equivalent to 3.7 million websites compromised by formjacking on endpoints.

BERT update

The BERT update is the newest Google update, which was launched globally in the fourth quarter of 2019. This algorithm changes how Google interprets search queries. This translates to a change in rankings and traffic among websites.

With BERT in place, about 10% of all search queries in 72 languages will be affected. What can you do about it? Stick to relevant content and keywords for SEO.

User experience (UX)

Google has been releasing updates to improve the user experience of its visitors. So for 2020, you should consider investing in improving the UX of your website. This is a technical process, but it will make a big difference in your revenue and traffic.

UX improvements will make your website more navigable. Aside from that, UX improvements will reduce bounce rates and increase your bottom line.

Voice search

Experts have forecasted that about 50% of all web traffic will come from voice by 2020. This is due to the rise of voice-commanded gadgets like Voice Pod and Amazon Echo.

So how can you optimize for voice search? Use conversational keywords and write equally conversational content. This way, bots can easily understand the context of your content.

Also, choppy and short keywords may not be as effective as it used to be in terms of voice search.

Video content

In just a few years, YouTube became a streaming giant. This proves how video content will become more pivotal by 2020. In fact, about 6 out of 10 internet users will look for a video instead of reading written content. This is expected to rise over the years, especially in 2010.

Take note that internet users are looking for instant information. This is only achievable through video content.