Starting Your Own Podcast?

Podcast Microphone

A Guide to Finding the Right Podcast.

A podcast is just like an internet radio. Use your computer if you want to listen to it. Podcast is not all audio, it can also be a video. You can learn more about podcast by checking out this link.

If your podcast has a good format, it can be successful. Below are the kinds of podcasts:

  • Just one person in front of the camera or a microphone. Topic is usually news, an opinion, or a tutorial about a particular subject. The concern in this format is the voice and the delivery of the person talking aside from the quality of the recording. The focus here is how to hold the attention of the audience.
  • An interview has two people talking giving their own views which is rather more With this type, you have to make sure that both will be present for the recording. Also, the kind of microphones matters to allow clear deliverance of the voices. This is more challenging because the audio should really be perfect.
  • A conversational show is another kind of podcast. This time there are two or even more persons talking giving their own opinion on the given topic. Surely, this is more interesting compared to the solo podcast. The only tricky parts are scheduling of the people involved in the production and making sure that they do not overlap each other when talking. It is true that the more the merrier but more time spent on editing.
  • Video podcast speaks for its name. It is an audio and video, which gives the feeling of being close and more personal with its audience. Being such, the requirement of this kind is much bigger than a vodcast or vidcast. It needs more planning time and scheduling. The file size of this needs a high badwidth connection because of its big files that is bigger than 100 MB each. Of course this depends on its length. The video format is .m4v or mp4 H.264 done by Window and Mac users.
  • Combination podcast means a combination of synced images and audio podcast almost like a narrated slide show. A podcasts that has been enhanced has multiple still images and yet add to a live URL links to websites. To skip the podcast, it has a chapter marker. It is an audio file in .m4a format. The file of enhanced podcasts is very similar to an audio podcast. This cannot be played in Windows Media Player.
  • A screencast is a recording of your computer screen that goes together with an audio narration. This presents a definite process rather than merely instructing. This type is great for students who are more visual.

The minute you decide on your format, you have to be creative to come up with a distinctive and interesting show. Think also of the many segments you would want to produce and the length of each podcast. If you plan everything very carefully, you may just come up with a podcast that viewers or listeners would love. Don’t forget to have fun!