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More Tips on How to Quickly Get Out of the Google Sandbox

Google has added specific algorithms for new sites. Just read my post on: Is There Really a Google Sandbox? Now, the question is – will this trend continue in 2019? If newer sites be placed in the Google Sandbox, how do you prevent from placed in the Google Sandbox? How to rank higher quickly?

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Here’s a list of things you can do:

5. Build authority.

  • Remember, E-A-T? Always strive to build authority. Google will always go after the users’ want. If the users unanimously pick a website, Google merely shows what the users chose.
  • At the end of the day, Google wants website owners to show expertise, be credible, and be trustworthy.
  • As a fairly new website, it’s normal that Google has no idea who you are. As you try to improve and add more content, Google will obtain more data about your site.
  • So, win the hearts of the Google users if you want Google to favor your website. Furthermore, Google will consider a site “credible” if it has a lot of mentions, links, and queries about your brand.

6. Haste makes waste.

  • Like number 5, this tip is related to authoritative. Don’t be too rash when making decision. Plan your every content. Remember, the goal here is NOT for everything to be perfect, but for your content to be united.
  • After all, the internet is series of interconnect networks. Same for your content, it should all be connected. There should be a smooth flow of links. You should build an internal linking system. Users should be able to navigate from one page to another without any glitches.
  • Remember, there are things you can’t speed up. If you put too much effort in increasing your rank, Google might view it as being spammy.
  • Even though you will legitimately acquire external links, Google will be suspicious if you got it in a very short time. Being too aggressive in advertising your website has its side effects.
  • So, focus on letting things flow on its natural order. It’s never the number of links, but it is more of the quality of links. Ultimately, it is important to keep a steady pace. As time passes, your website will naturally grow. Never be sad for having a slow start. In no time, Google will gradually consider you as trustworthy and credible.

7. Buy an existing website.

  • Well, if you want to quickly avoid the Google Sandbox, you might need to buy an already working website.
  • Yes, you will be spending a hefty sum of money, but you are sure that the website is already established, and it has been live for quite a long time.
  • So, if you are thinking of buying an existing website or business, you can visit sites such as Flippa. It is an online marketplace where you can buy (or sell) websites, apps, and domains.
  • In this website, the price ranges from a few bucks to thousands of dollar. In fact, I even saw an app selling for only $12 dollars.

To wrap things up, don’t hurry because the right time will come. Eventually, Google will see your efforts.  Boost your SEO efforts slowly but surely. Over time, you will see the fruits of all your hard work. Never go for mediocrity; always strive for excellence.

What’s in Store for Google Sandbox this 2019?

Within a month, website rankings usually shoot up and gain a substantial rank. However, there are SEO professionals who think that there is a force that is preventing websites from getting a good ranking spot within the first few months since the website’s creation.

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In a previous blog post, I was able to discuss this phenomenon in detail: Is There Really a Google Sandbox? Now that you know a thing or two about Google Sandbox, I will proceed to elaborate on how to get out of the sinking sand. Here are a few tips on how to avert Google Sandbox:

1. Accelerate the indexing process

  • When you publish your website, yes, your website is out to the world, but it’s not yet on Google’s radar. It is still new to Google not unless it is indexed. To know if your website has been successfully indexed by Google. First, you need to go the Google homepage and search “site:insertyourwebaddresshere.” This will let you know how many web pages have been indexed by Google.
  • If you don’t see any pages, you need to act fast and do the necessary measures. To expedite the indexing process, add your domain name on Google Search Console and upload your XML sitemap.

2. Increase web traffic

  • In the first few days of site, obtaining a substantial amount of traffic necessary. This will let Google know that your website is getting page clicks. Thus, Google will help you move up. With a higher ranking, you easily get out of the Google Sandbox.
  • For web visitors to flock your site, consider posting on other platforms. Promote your website in forums and group pages, in Facebook, in Twitter, and places where people hang out often.
  • Also, it will also help if you try to post on other websites. Reach out and try to do a guest post on popular sites. This will not only bring more people to your site, but also strengthen your backlink profile.

3. Boost social media presence

  • Popularity on social media is a good sign. For example, gaining a reputation on sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, would signal Google that your website is trusted by many.
  • To gain more traffic to your own site, you might want to consider signing up for a paid promotion or do a series of ads on Facebook and social networking sites.
  • Also, when you blog about a certain topic, do not forget to promote it on Facebook. This will definitely boost the visibility of your blog posts.

4. Choose keywords carefully

  • When you are still in the “sandbox”, Google may not boost your rankings if you prioritize the popular keywords. Instead, choose long tail keywords.
  • To know keywords to rank, you need to do a keyword research first.
  • Check what keywords are trending and what are not. Also, do know what your competitors are targeting.
  • It is best to do a competitor research and rank for the same keywords that they are targeting.
  • For starters, there are tools like Ubersuggest and Keyworddit. Read more on: SEO Keyword Tools That Are Free to Use.

Is There Really a Google Sandbox?

According to a theory, Google Sandbox filters websites on the search results page. Allegedly, it is said that Google prevent new websites from getting high rankings. In a way, Google Sandbox serves as a screen to regulate the rankings for newer websites.

Well, what started this idea? It is believed that newer websites may not be as useful and significant as the older sites. Furthermore, some new websites – if not, most sites – are considered to be spam.

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While Google has not published an official statement, many SEO professional tend to assume this to be true. Marketers, and professionals alike, have noticed such changes on the different websites that they are optimizing. Thus, it is easy to conclude that it’s hard to escape the clutches of Google Sandbox when you have a relatively new website.

How Google Sandbox started?

  • It was in 2004 when SEO professionals noticed that newer websites did not move up the leaderboard. In terms of ranking, these websites were not doing well. Despite the efforts of following the proper guidelines, Google did not indexed the sites.
  • However, on other search engines, these websites were giving a higher ranking. Compared to Google, Bing and Yahoo gave it a better ranking.
  • Because Google only wanted to feature the most relevant and useful sites on their search results, Google Sandbox made perfect sense.

Google never said anything about Google Sandbox.

On the other hand, Google’s Gary Illyes said that we don’t have a sandbox. Basically, Google denied the reality of a sandbox. Nevertheless, some Google’s employees may have hinted something.

  • John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, said that there is no “traditional sandbox”, but there are algorithms that function the same way. This works as a way of understanding how new websites are connected to other websites.
  • Matt Cutts, a former Google head, added that as long as the websites have been in existence for a few months, then, it should show up in the SERPs.

Well, there you go. You can’t rank immediately. The hint was obvious, and websites should be a couple months old.

Is there any explanation why newer websites do not rank high?

Google emphasized that there should be enough data on a website before they rank it accordingly. Also, they reiterated on the importance of E-A-T! Before anything else, a website should prove its expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness first. To be honest, it’s nearly impossible to gain Google’s trust in an instant. Below are some of the reason why a site may not receive a higher ranking than expected:

1. Not enough content

  • For Google to understand your website, there should be enough content. The more content, the more you show that you have authority. Otherwise, Google will not clearly know your website if you don’t provide enough content.

2. Weak backlink profile

  • Improving your backlink profile is important. In a way, it greatly influences your website rankings. When backlinks are established, it proves that you are an expert.
  • Also, check the internal links. Your content should also be connected with each other.

3. Less user engagement

  • Google scan the website activity. Other than content and links, it checks for other factors such as click-through rate, bounce rate, session time, and many more.

Google Tips and Tricks (Part 1)

Google Search Engine on Macbook ProWho hasn’t relied on Google to search for everything and anything? We are all guilty! There are things you might not know about the popular search engine. Have you ever tried searching for images using a specific image? Discover useful Google search tricks that you may find helpful and interesting.

  • Searching using an image. We usually type keywords when we search on Google. Try looking up for an image using another image. Seems confusing? Simply to go to images.google.com and instead of typing keywords in the search box, you have to click on the camera button. You can upload the photo or paste the URL of the photo. Things are easier if you are using Google Chrome browser. When you right click an image in Chrome, select the Search Google for this image option. Then, Google will show you results pertaining to that photo. This will come in handy when you wish to find duplicated photos. However, it is quite unreliable as Google will also display similar images. Finding the exact image may be harder than expected, but it will still give you great leads.
  • View the cached version of a website. Google’s most unique and helpful feature is that you can now view the previous versions of a website. Take a look at your Google search results carefully, and notice the ▼ symbol beside the website links. You can click green pointing-down arrow, and choose the cached option. After, you will be redirected to the website’s last saved version. This feature is helpful when there are network problems, and the live version of the website is currently unavailable. There’s no need to worry when a website is offline because you can access its cached version using Google’s helpful tool.
  • Built-in dictionary. There’s no need to Google for various online dictionaries because Google will help you instead. Just type define:  plus the word you want to search and Google will look for the word’s definition. Easy, right? Aside from the definition, you can also view its synonyms and translate it into another language if you wish. You can view this tutorial to learn more. Ever since, Google has been your research companion and now, it’s making your life easier because of its dictionary function.
  • Casual games. Did you know that there a few fun games hidden on Google? Game number one is called Atari Breakout. To activate the hidden game, you have to go to images.google.com  and type in the words “Atari Breakout”. After, the image search results will then morph into a colorful game board. If you do not like it,  game number two is Pac-Man. It is Google’s first ever playable doodle. Here’s a tip for you: if you click Insert Coin multiple times,  Ms. Pac-Man will join the game and you can control her with the WASD keys. Game number three is called Zerg Rush. The objective of this game is to shoot before the zeroes attack and destroy your Google search results. In order to play this game, just go to the Google and type in zerg rush.