Nine Useful Website Links (Part 3)

Person Using Laptop Computer during DaytimeThis guide will help you in searching for images, checking your grammar, calculating different time zones, and many more. There is NO need to sign up and submit any personal information on the websites listed below.

Check out these useful sites:

  • Dot Epub –  This website will transform a web page to an ebook. If you are going to be traveling, this website is helpful when you are on the road and have no internet access. You can convert any page into an .epub or .mobi file.
  • Google Images – Searching an images using keywords is normal, but searching using an image is not usual. Yes, you can now search by uploading an image and Google Images will show you results regarding the uploaded photo.
  • Hundred Zeros – If you love books, this site is for you. The website made simplified Amazon books for you and made a list of free Kindle books. Browse through a vast selection of eBooks, and once click a particular book, you will be redirected to the book’s official Amazon page. There, you can download and send it to your eReader. This simple site is a gem if you are veracious reader.
  • Adobe Color – This tool is really helpful if you are an interior designer, or a web designer. You can experiment on color palettes or follow guides regarding complementary, analogous, triad color rules. There is no need to worry because you can mix and match colors without making a mess!
  • Copy/Paste Characters  – Do you need to type a document in Latin or Greek? This website provides you a variety of special characters. When you need to mathematical equations, you can also choose different arrows and symbols. You just have to copy the characters you need and paste them wherever you want. ☺ (Yes, there are emojis, too!)
  • Random.Org  – If you need to draw winners for giveaways, it’s time to say goodbye to the magical fishbowl. will save you time, and generate a random number for you. There is also an Integer Set Generator. If you don’t know where to travel next, Geographic Coordinate Generator will help. You can find various generators in like List RandomizerClock Time Generator, and so on.
  • Polish My Writing – This is a FREE grammar checker. Plus, it’s an easy to use website because you only need to paste your document on box and it will scan your writing. Spelling errors are the red ones, grammar corrections are colored blue, and style suggestions are green.
  • Timer  – Who said timers are only for bakers? If you need a ten-minute timer, a timer for doing 8 reps, or make your own timer, Timer has every timer you need.
  • Every Time Zone – As a telecommuter, remembering various time zone can be very hard to do. Calculating the time differences can be difficult for some people. If you need to schedule meetings with clients abroad, or you have a multi-city flight to memorize, Every Time Zone simplified everything about time zones.

Let’s recap!

Part one is about online image editors, sending notes, and private chat rooms. Part two is about internet security, file scanners, and web archives. Lastly, the third part is about numbers generators, timers, and eBooks.

Nine Useful Website Links (Part 2)

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These links will save your life!

Are you doubtful of an email attachment you just received? Do you want to send huge files without installing any software? Is this particular website you are about to visit safe?  There is a solution to every these questions. These websites will undeniably make your life easier and the best part is that there is NO need to fill out complicated registration forms. It will definitely save you time!

  • Box Oh! – This website is ideal if you love to shop online because it will simplify shipment tracking for you. When you are expecting multiple packages whether it is from USPS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx, Box Oh! can identify them all and track them all in one page.
  • Flight Stats – If Box Oh! is great for packages, but how about flights? No need to worry about that because Flight Stats will track it for you. Just provide the airline company and add the flight number.
  • Plus Transfer – You can send huge files without even installing anything and you do not have to register to the website as well. The maximum file limit is 5GB. The next time that you are worried on how to send a file, just remember Plus Transfer.
  • Jotti’s Malware Scan – No malware scanner on your computer? Time to scan all those questionable email attachments and files. Jotti’s Malware Scan is a free service and they use 18 scanners including BitDefender, K7, Ikarus, Kasperky, and other popular scanners. You can only upload 5 files at the same time, and there is a 100MB limit per file.
  • Norton’s  Safe Web– Avoid risky using sites using this site checker. You just need to  paste the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the website you are about to visit  and Norton will give you a report on its trustworthiness. Norton is a product of Symantec and the company created a website to provide a safe and secure environment for internet users.
  • Gmail –  If you have no exisiting Gmail account, you can still sign up to Gmail.  Just click on the link and you can create an account without a Gmail email address. You are free to give out any email address you have as long as it’s working. Then, Gmail will send a verification code to your email.
  • – This website will save a particular web page. So, even if the original website gets deleted, you have a copy of the page. Just to clarify this does not alter the contents of the page. The website only captures what you see. This is ideal if you want to monitor changes, or save a derogatory online post.
  • Archive.Org  – This is your internet time machine. goes hand in hand with You can use to contribute to There are over 305 billion web pages stored in the website and you can view popular pages like CNN, Etsy, AOL, Buzzfeed, and more.
  • Who Is Hosting This? – You can discover who is hosting any website with Who Is Hosting This. Know details about the web host, name servers, and IP address. If you need a website, they also have a detailed review on the different hosting sites and you can even get promo codes, and hosting coupons.

Nine Useful Website Links (Part 1)

Website Search

Where to find useful websites?

This guide will provide you links to websites that are totally free to use and no sign up is required. Whether you need a notepad, a private chat room, a online photo editor, it is all here. It will save you time as there is no need for you to download anything.

  •  PrivNote – Want to send private notes to some? PrivNote will let you send them and the best part is that it will automatically self destruct. If you want to channel your inner James Bond, send your confidential files because it will absolutely leave no trace.
  • NilTalk – If you feel like secret notes is not enough, go create a private chat room. You are not required to give your name or email. All you need to input is a chat room password. Once the chat room is created, all messages will not be recorded and everything gets deleted after 2 hours.
  • WhatTheFont! – Do you ever wonder what font your favorite television show is using? If you see a font that you instantly like, you can upload it to WhatTheFont and it will search its database. You do not have to go on your computer and try every font that you see. There is a forum for font enthusiast to assist you in case the search is futile.


  • LMGTFY – Instead of telling people what to search, why not show them how? This website is helpful if you want to teach someone the basics of online research. If you hate Google, other search engines (like Yahoo, Aol, and others) are also available.
  • SumoPaint – It is an online editor filled with tools similar to Adobe Photoshop. It also includes a wide variety of brushes, unique tools, and the wackiest effects to improve your photos. Next time you are from your desk, you do not need to worry. Just go online and SumoPaint will save the day.
  • Kleki – If you find Adobe Photoshop quite complicated, you will probably find SumoPaint difficult to. Kleki offers a simpler online editor than SumoPaint. Additionally, if you wish to learn the basics of editing, the website has a tutorial section. It will show you how to use layers, how to create colored drawings, and others.


  • Paste Bin – This website is really helpful when you want to share notes with anyone. PasteBin supports huge .txt files because it was originally made so that computer programmers can easily share their codes. Whether you are a programmer or not, you are very welcome to use it. You do not have to register and the receiver of the notes do not need to register as well. If you think that the notes are personal, you can even set an expiration date for your notes.
  • NotesIO – If there is no need for you to share notes to people, you can skip PasteBin and choose NotesIO instead. When there is a lot of researching involved and several browser tabs are open, you can use this uncomplicated personal notepad. If you are using a shared computer and there is no word processing application, you can never go wrong with NotesIO.
  • DrawIO – When you work at an office, you deal with a lot presentations. You need to create charts. It is not easy to make them, but thankfully, DrawIO is here. They provide you with various templates from business to software layouts. It is definitely helpful to students too!