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Scottsdale SEO – How to Make a Great Landing Page?

Woman Browsing the Landing Page of a Website

Woman Browsing the Landing Page of a Website

Designing a landing page is not writing a monologue. You are talking to an audience and you want them to purchase something. So, you need to real smooth and easy. Check out the tips below on how to make an effective homepage that gets your points crossed.

  • Nope, it’s not the designer. When planning a landing page, you probably think you should talk to the designer ASAP regarding the interface, images, and all the stunning visuals. I’m telling you it’s not. There’s something more important: it is the content.
  • The landing page should be able to send out a clear message. The goal here is to sound more human and less generic. Talk directly to your audience and make it personal.
  • The writing should be able to get a reaction. They should feel something. When they do, they willing sign up, purchase, or do practically anything you wish.
  • Word choices should appeal to them. Perhaps, you current landing page is just not enough. They probably don’t even bother to scroll down.
  • The millennials go for landing pages with fewer words and more banners. There’s a need for you to concise without sound too common.
  • Don’t be just another landing page. Show them what makes you unique through your personalized content.
  • Gain their trust.  You are a stranger to your web visitors. They don’t know you so don’t expect them to click that “add to cart” button. There’s a huge barrier between you and your potential customers. You need to earn their trust, and you need to do it quickly.
  • They wouldn’t believe you; they would only be convinced if someone is backing you up. Testimonials from your previous customers are perfect examples. Reading reviews of other people will help your web visitors trust you. Let the 5-star reviews do the talking.
  • Negative space is not bad. Don’t overwhelm first-time visitors with too much information. Instead, let them focus on a thing or two.
  • Empty spaces help them think clearly so don’t bombard your landing page with clutter. Before you say it, let me stop you. Nope, they’re not boring. In fact, embracing negative space makes your landing page easy to look at.
  • It sends an important message that you aren’t forcing your web visitors to purchase. You are giving them time to think and make their own decision.
  • It’s moving! For humans, it’s easy to spot a moving object. You can’t not notice an animation when visiting a website. This is why adding videos on your landing page can greatly increase conversions. (If you need tips regarding this topic, it’s all here!)
  • So, if you want to gain your web visitors immediate attention, add some animation or a video presentation.
  • The pretty face behind the company. Lastly, your landing page should include a human face. People are generally nosy. When you feature an image of a malfunctioning computer, they will completely ignore it. However, if you highlight a person looking a person looking devastated because of the malfunctioning computer, they will definitely click it because they are utterly nosy human beings. So, feed their curious minds!
  • A simple smile can make a huge difference. Adding a human element makes your landing page more relatable and more susceptible to clicks.

Scottsdale SEO – Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions (Part 2)

Woman Viewing the Landing Page Using Macbook

Woman Viewing the Landing Page Using a Macbook

Years ago, featuring a video on the landing page was just mere novelty. Now, it’s not just for “beautification” purposes because adding videos on the landing page helps increase conversion. As much as 80% of the web visitors are converted through the aid of a video presentation. That’s a huge turnaround! Why does it work? What’s the magic formula? For starters, many people are too lazy to read, and they want someone to explain and summarize the product features for them. Let me help you do the same for your website. Read the tips below:



  • The question now is… how do we make a compelling video?  What will keep the web visitors engaged? Another important factor, aside from the content of the video, is the thumbnail. In fact, it invites people to click that play button. The chances of it getting noticed increases by 15 percent. It would be a shame to just ignore the help of the thumbnails.
  • Here are some examples of an effective thumbnail:
    • A sneak peek of the video. It should reflect the overview of the whole thing. Insert a text on what was discussed on the video.
    • Show feelings. Whether the thumbnail showcase a smiling or shocked expression, there should be an obvious emotion so people will be curious enough to play the video.
    • A close-up shot. There should be a person face on the thumbnail. It makes the video less robotic and more relatable.


  • When creating video presentations, remember your color, font, and style choices. You should be consistently using the same thing. That way, people can immediately associate the style with your brand. They can recall your brand immediately the moment they play the video.
  • Don’t forget to add a watermark of your logo or your official website in all your videos. Whether they are watching an intro video or a tutorial video, interested customers will know where to go in order to learn more about the product or service.


  • Closed captioning or subtitling is helpful to people watching. They are provided the transcript of the video. That way, they wouldn’t be replaying a scene over and over.
  • Adding subtitles is necessary especially if you are introducing new terms. It provides clarity. People watching won’t be constantly asking for the words uttered. This is particularly helpful when you are using jargon or highfalutin words in your video presentation. The terminologies won’t seem so foreign now. They will stick around because they learned something from you.

Now that you have the tips, you obviously need an excellent video editing software to apply them all. Well, you can hire a professional to record the video and edit it for you. However, doing it on your own allows you customize and change it the way you want.

Scottsdale SEO – Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions (Part 1)

Now that people are on your landing page, what do you want them to do?

Now that people are on your landing page, what do you want them to do?

Adding a video on your landing page could help gain more conversions. If you don’t see its potential, then, maybe you are doing it wrong.  Your video might be TOO long or it’s not in the right place. Worse, it has no CTA buttons for your users to take action. Let me help you in improving your landing page by putting videos.


  • When someone arrives on your landing page, that person probably is showing interest with your product. Catch their attention by informing them about your products. This is your chance now that to educate your web visitors.
  • So, what should you include on this video presentation? Make sure the content is direct to the point. You don’t have all day to explain the positive points of your products.  The video should deliver its message in less than a minute. It should be able to answer these questions:
    • Who are you? What do you do?
    • How are you different from the other products in the market?
    • What makes you stand out? What makes you unique?
    • How you can help solve a particular problem?
  • The challenge now is to formulate a way to include those important points in an unconventional and interesting manner. Keep the video length as short as possible. Don’t bother adding fillers or fluff to your presentation. It’s there to be straightforward and to offer help. Being long and repetitious will just drive away people from your landing page.


  • A video is there to fulfill a goal. Don’t squeeze in too many goals in one informative video. Ask yourself on what you want the users to do the moment they “land” on your landing page.  Is it to buy? Is it to sign up on your website? Is it to get their email address?
  • Define the goal of the video using this guideline:
    • Do you want people to purchase on the landing page?
    • Do you want them to fill up a form?
    • Do you want them to try an app on their phone or download it for desktop?
    • Do you want them to share the website to their friends?


  • Don’t make the web visitors scroll for that educational video. It’s there to help others. Therefore, put it on an area that everyone can notice it without the need to scroll.  When the video is visible to everyone, the conversion rate will increase by at least 15%.
  • To highlight it more, why not dim the background when the user starts playing it? This way, you are sure that their eyes are on the video. When you have their undivided attention, conversion is slightly higher. From only 15%, it’s now up to 20%!


  • Of course, an informative video is helpful to anyone interested on your products. However, your efforts are all useless without a clear CTA button. Like what we discussed earlier, what is your purpose?
  • If you want them to subscribe your email list, put a “Subscribe Now” button. Do you want them to download an app? Provide the download links for both Android and Apple devices.