Scottsdale SEO – 7 Easy Steps on Gaining Positive Online Reviews

Verbally recommending a restaurant is good, but customers, nowadays, will still Google a business to read more online reviews. Without a doubt, online reviews are now crucial in every business’ success.  So, how do you actually make sure your business gets reviews?

  • Do your job well.
    • Just do it and the chances of getting more reviews will increase. Ask for a review after every transaction. On all your email communication, don’t forget to add link to your Facebook fan page, Yelp review page, and/or official online store on your email signature.
  • Complete your profiles and maintain an active status.
    • Know your industry well. Where are the other businesses signing up? Signing up on all social media accounts is unnecessary. Just know where your audience is at.
    • Having a business page on Yelp really helps. There are over 150 million reviews on the website. Make sure to complete important details like complete address, map, phone number, website, and operating hours. So, when other people search for your business, relevant results will show up and guide them to the right path.
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build relationships with your clients

  • Know who to ask and what to ask.
    • First of all, remind yourself that not everyone will NOT be willing to give your business glowing reviews. Perfect 5-star reviews are elusive so be careful on who you ask.
    • There are reviews that are very upfront. Be the first one to ask customers for reviews. Because the moment they post it online, you will have NO control over it. If it’s a negative review, it will greatly affect your business.
    • You can ask a review through email. This way, you know what people think without going public. Learn from these honest reviews and improve the points presented. When someone endorses you, reply to these positive reviews. It’s a big deal and it could give your business a huge boost. So, be thankful and don’t just ignore it.
  • Know the right timing.
    • You also have to know when to ask. Find the right timing of asking an honest review. Ideally,  you should ask your customers while their pleasant experience is still recent and fresh in their minds.
  • How to ask?
    • There are many ways to ask for reviews such as like phone calls, emails, and face-to-face conversations. Whatever you choose, make sure it is convenient for your customers. After all, they are putting their reputation on the line. Be sure to be polite in asking.
  • Be precise and make it easy.
    • Asking a review is not enough. You have to be specific and ask for details. Make it as smooth as possible i.e. the answers are provided and customers will just have to tick a box that applies to them.
    • The review questionnaire should be clear and easy to understand. After this, you can also request the customer to publish the review on Facebook. If the customer answers yes, leave a link to your Facebook Business Page along with some instructions.
  • Give an incentive.
    • Lastly, your customers cleared their schedule to accommodate your request. As a way to say thank you, you can give an incentive such as a discount code they can use on their next transaction. It can also be a gift card or a voucher. Make it clear that the incentive is just a token for their honest review and not some form of payment.

Advertising Your Products Using Social Media

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Marketing a Product Online.

If there is one thing that is permanent, it is the internet.

People cannot live without the internet. Everyone has a constant need to update the world with what’s new in their lives. We search for anything and everything we need on the internet. Having a website is not enough when you decide to sell your products. Social media makes a huge impact in e-commerce. You can use the internet to advertise your products.

Follow these tips on how to market a product:

Social media accounts are important.

  • If you look closely at different websites, you would notice that they have different social media accounts because a website alone is not enough. They have to go where the people are.
  • Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, your business should have a social media team tasked to create your brand’s online profile. Every little detail counts from the basic information like profile to the constant updates.
  • The team should also make creative visuals for your social media accounts . You do not need a paid software because there are a bunch of free photo editors like PizapPixlrCanva to edit your product photos, and create unique collages of your items.
  • Since Facebook is the top social media platform, experiment with its features. You can offer exclusive promotions on your wall or you can utilize the Facebook Ads to advertise your latest products.
  • Lastly, do not just rely on one social media account. The more, the better. You can view the different social media platforms here. Websites like Twitter and Instagram have a lot of users too. If you need help on Twitter, this guide will help you. Use social media not only to promote your business, but also to reach out to your target audience.

Boost your online visibility.

  • Yes, having different social media accounts play a huge role, but email is also one way to promote. Relying on social media alone is a huge no. You should always encourage your audience to sign up for email.
  • You can send out exclusive offers to your email subscribers. It will definitely help boost your business. and the great thing about emails is that: IT IS YOURS. You can create it the way to want and how you want it. When you are in Facebook, the space you occupy is owned by Facebook. When you are in Twitter, the same thing is true. For emails, no one owns it because it is 100% yours
  • You do not need to pay for ads. Just redirect your email subscribers to the latest deals on your website and they can shop right away.

Learn from other people.

  • You do not have to keep sending out information. You also have to take in information. Follow influential brands, and learn from what they post to their followers.
  • Be a follower yourself so you would know how your followers would feel. This way you can provide better ways to serve your customers. Watch what other people do and actively monitor for opportunities to learn new things.
  • Find ways to engage with the experts in your industry. You can attend conventions, or follow them online. Business people are usually on Twitter so start stalking them there.