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Different storage devices.

In this day and ages, we constantly share a piece of lives everyday. Photo and videos are not only for personal use, but we also share it to the different social media platforms. There is no need for us to save these files to various external devices. We can now upload files to an online storage so we can access these files anytime and anywhere. These applications are easy to use and you are sure you won’t lose a file ever again.

  • Dropbox (Sign up here!)
    • The basic account is absolutely free and you are given an initial storage of 2GB only. If that is too small for you, you can easily earn more storage once you sync your devices, social media accounts, and files. You will get an additional 500 MB of storage space when you invite your friends, and they install Dropbox on their computer. That would a total of 16GB if you have successfully invited 32 people. After that, if you still want more space, you can available their premium services. Price starts at $12.50 for the paid services.
    • Personally, I prefer Dropbox because it offers a simple back up and sharing. I can send files to anyone I want and it does not matter if they Dropbox installed. I use Dropbox to save all my books. Whether I am on my desktop or on my mobile phone, I still have access to my files no matter what device I am on.
    • Whether you use a Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, or Android device, there is a suitable app for it. You don’t have to worry because Dropbox will sync automatically whatever device you have. If you saved a file on your mobile Dropbox, You can also access it on your desktop Dropbox, and vice versa.
  • Yandex.Disk (Access it here!)
    • Like Dropbox, Yandex.Disk is also free. It is under the Yandex brand along with a search engine, translator, and many others. Once you sign up, Yandex.Disk gives you a free 10GB storage. If that it is not enough for you, you can expand your storage by purchasing additional space. An additional 1TB storage is just $10 a month. That’s so cheap for 1TB. Indeed, a great deal!
    • Yandex.Disk is a cross-platform application and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You easily share files to your friends whatever OS they are using. You can save any file you want and access them anywhere.
    • The unique feature of Yandex.Disk is that it supports documents, spreadsheets, photos, and presentations so you edit them. If your computer doesn’t have the appropriate application needed, you do not have to worry because you can easily access them and make the necessary edits.
  • Mega (Visit their site here!)
    • Mega is true to its name because it offers a mega huge 50GB of free storage. You may know its predecessor MegaUpload. Now, Mega is back with a vengeance. It guarantees you an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. There is no limit on the file size of your uploads and paid services are available from €4.99 – €29.99.
    • If you find registering a hassle, you can try it without an account. This is a perfect option for those urgent file transfers.
    • If you wish to sign up, you can use their website or download their mobile app that is available in all major platforms. In addition, you can download the Firefox or Chrome browser extension for faster access to your files.

Nine Useful Website Links (Part 2)

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These links will save your life!

Are you doubtful of an email attachment you just received? Do you want to send huge files without installing any software? Is this particular website you are about to visit safe?  There is a solution to every these questions. These websites will undeniably make your life easier and the best part is that there is NO need to fill out complicated registration forms. It will definitely save you time!

  • Box Oh! – This website is ideal if you love to shop online because it will simplify shipment tracking for you. When you are expecting multiple packages whether it is from USPS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx, Box Oh! can identify them all and track them all in one page.
  • Flight Stats – If Box Oh! is great for packages, but how about flights? No need to worry about that because Flight Stats will track it for you. Just provide the airline company and add the flight number.
  • Plus Transfer – You can send huge files without even installing anything and you do not have to register to the website as well. The maximum file limit is 5GB. The next time that you are worried on how to send a file, just remember Plus Transfer.
  • Jotti’s Malware Scan – No malware scanner on your computer? Time to scan all those questionable email attachments and files. Jotti’s Malware Scan is a free service and they use 18 scanners including BitDefender, K7, Ikarus, Kasperky, and other popular scanners. You can only upload 5 files at the same time, and there is a 100MB limit per file.
  • Norton’s  Safe Web– Avoid risky using sites using this site checker. You just need to  paste the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the website you are about to visit  and Norton will give you a report on its trustworthiness. Norton is a product of Symantec and the company created a website to provide a safe and secure environment for internet users.
  • Gmail –  If you have no exisiting Gmail account, you can still sign up to Gmail.  Just click on the link and you can create an account without a Gmail email address. You are free to give out any email address you have as long as it’s working. Then, Gmail will send a verification code to your email.
  • – This website will save a particular web page. So, even if the original website gets deleted, you have a copy of the page. Just to clarify this does not alter the contents of the page. The website only captures what you see. This is ideal if you want to monitor changes, or save a derogatory online post.
  • Archive.Org  – This is your internet time machine. goes hand in hand with You can use to contribute to There are over 305 billion web pages stored in the website and you can view popular pages like CNN, Etsy, AOL, Buzzfeed, and more.
  • Who Is Hosting This? – You can discover who is hosting any website with Who Is Hosting This. Know details about the web host, name servers, and IP address. If you need a website, they also have a detailed review on the different hosting sites and you can even get promo codes, and hosting coupons.