5 Ways to Help Cool Down Your Computer

abstract, art, blazeCan you feel your computer burning? Is your desktop computer suffering from too much heat? Electronic devices – like your computer – produce heat when it’s tirelessly working and doing countless of processes. If the temperature gets intolerable, it can deal a lot of damage to your computer.

These tips will help you to keep your computer cool, and these are very easy to do, and definitely cost-effective, too, so you do not have to worry about your PC crashing or giving up on you.

  • Clean your computer. You do not need to spend money actually. Shut your computer down, unplug the wires, open your case, and do some actual cleaning because cleaning helps a lot. Remove the dust, dirt, and any other debris that is clogging up your computer’s vents. From time to time, it’s best to clean your computer  especially the fans. A unclean fan will not be able to function properly and battle the rising temperature. Combat dust and dirt because those will slow down your fan and when the fan slow, your computer will suffer. Schedule regular cleanups, let’s say, once a week.
  • Clean your working area. Clean not only your computer, but also your desk especially if it filled with all sorts of papers, notes, and mess around your computer. You need to clear those and keep them away from your computer’s exhaust ports. Nothing should be near your ports because your clutter can block the air vents .
  • Move your computer. You should also give your computer some space because adequate air flow is important. If your computer is located in a place near a wall, it is better to give it some breathing room. There should be some space between your computer and the wall. If you put your computer in the basement, it will be prone to damage than a computer in the living room. It is in a scorching hot environment and in a closed space. Please do not put your computer in a place where it will be exposed to the blazing sun. Keep it away from the window, too.
  • Keep your computer close. Some people would say that to keep the air flowing, it would be better if you open your computer’s case. That is huge misconception, and do not ever follow that advice. Yes, it may seem the right to do, but you are exposing your computer more to more harm than good. It is susceptible to more dust and dirt. See tip #1. Remember that these computer cases are made to handle situations like increase in temperature. So, it’s best to keep the case shut because opening the case w won’t help even the slightest a bit.
  • Add or upgrade your computer’s fan. The important part of your computer is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and it is most likely the most expensive part also. If you a have a budget to upgrade your CPU’s fan, that would be a great option. If you have more extra money, you can even get a computer case fan, too. Most case fans are in the front and back of your computer. These can help in keeping the other computer components – graphic cards, memory, HDD – in your computer are calm and cool.