Scottsdale Web Design – The 6 Things the SEO Tools Couldn’t Tell You

To do some SEO work, we depend on various tools. We tend to lean on tools that can save some precious time. Today, because of the cost of the various foremost platforms, we require more from the all these tools available. The problem in this scenario is our ever-increasing dependence on the different SEO tools.

person using MacBook Pro to look at important data

Here’s a list of things that these tools could not tell us:

  1. Your Goals

In SEO, we all depend on technology. From keyword researchbacklink tools, to content curation tools, there tools for these needs. Not to mention, these tools present various results. That’s why we should proceed carefully.

Google has a premium Keyword Planner tool, and most free keyword research tools are dependent on the Keyword Planner’s search data. Whatever tools you may use,  it will help us prepare our objectives with customers. Sadly, they are only numbers depending on previous estimation of a given data. None of these tools can pinpoint specific objectives to help in gaining substantial amount of traffic, conversion, and sales. So, it’s still up to us to define the goals we want to achieve.

  1. Your Sales

When you are doing a keyword research, use a criteria to foresee expected traffic, conversions, and so on. True, we need immediate results from our hard work, but the taking various data from different tools can be tedious. Along the way, you could encounter risks and obstacles. Thus, you need to be aware that tools are just tools, and it will not be able to let us know the exact results of all our SEO efforts.

  1. The Sure Outcome

Whatever tools we use, it is never conclusive. Estimates are what we use in the past, and this will be the basis for the future results. Moreover, we can anticipate, but this doesn’t mean this is the guaranteed performance.

These tools cannot see the bigger picture. Thus, it is hazardous to depend on these tools in accomplishing the goals.  With the data provided by the tools we use, we can only predict what will happen, but this does NOT mean that it’s already 100% accurate.

  1. The Future

The search algorithms used today won’t be the same tomorrow. In another blog post, I even talked about The New Era for Google Search. Also, the ranking factors change. Read more on: Google Webmaster Martin Splitt Shares the 3 Most Important SEO Factors. In SEO, one thing is certain: that is change. So, get ready to constantly change your website. Whatever technology we utilize, be adaptable to changes that are out of your control.

  1. The Content

    The thing here is even with the help of SEO tools, we can’t find a suitable content for our business. We just can’t copy what the others are doing because that’s plagiarism. Plus, content duplication won’t make you higher ranker in the search results.

    We need to consider what the public likes to read, what makes them click a website, and many more.  A concrete plan is needed on how to generate more content for your website. Yes, we can utilize the tools but eventually, the main plan has to come from us. We should be the one looking for the resources we need to keep the website running. Here are some content curation tools that can help you!

  2. The Priorities

The work on our website should be placed in order of importance. Some tools will help analyze a site and will give suggested modifications. Then again, not everything can be computerized or given to us via the technology. The tools are there to aid in organizing and planning the entire website optimization. Other than that, it’s really up to us. We have to trust our own instinct and expertise.